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By Sykt | Saykot's Blog | 10 Sep 2020

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I always think that a movie goes to a better stage, when there are more than 2 aspects in a movie, and Friendly speaking, how many times will i see a fighting a hero and a villain.? (It become to boaring nowadays) 
If there are some real or true event movie things, there is a different serenity to watch the movie.
(These are all my personal thoughts)

Name: kill zone 2 (2015)
IMDb: 6.7 / 10
89% Google Users Liked This Movie 9df6367a0947a65db5fd9f14430e9f622c422f06fad1b05cf2cc248f5511f994.jpeg

Good cinematography, plot, acting especially the villain's performance was noticeable. You will see a good educational lesson at the end of the movie InshaAllah.

The man behind the human trafficking ring, after doing a lot of searching, can't find a heart donor for himself.
The subsequent attempt to kidnap his own brother and imprison an undercover officer in another country, takes the movie to another level.
Tony Jae, Yu Ching, Zhang Chin, the crowd of many stars make the movie even more thrilling.
I personally like the movie so I shared it. (Because we are also 2 brothers). I hope you also like the movie. Pardon my mistakes  

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