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By GenyaMurata | Savedroid Crypto App | 19 Oct 2019

Hello once again, last time I have talked about how to get started with savedroid app which is an app that lets you save for your wishes automatically and transform your saved funds into cryptocurrency; I have talked about how to get started using it starting from registration, creating your wish and creating the smoove. Now, I will go in-depth in the process of creating your Wish inside the app.

Each and every one of us has a wish, a desire for something we want to have in the future. This has something to do with our emotions that makes us long for something, a thing that will definitely make us happy when we achieve it. But I won't be talking about some abstract wishes but rather wishes about a physical thing or event and which the Savedroid app can definitely help us in the process of actually saving for it without us doing any physical act of keeping and saving money. Let's get started in exploring this Wish function.


In the savedroid app, once you start navigating it, you will notice that the first thing for you to do is to create a Wish.

And as per the app, a "Wish" is what you're saving for; a dream vacation, new phone, or home investment.


Once you hit the "Create Your Wish" button, you will see a bunch of categories which you can choose any depending on the type of your desire or wish.

  • The first category is "Travel" - we all have a faraway place somewhere where we really want to visit or go but of course, requires a budget in order to go actually go there and spend some time.



  • Next is "Winter ski trip" - I don't actually get why Savedroid put a specific category for this when I think this one is already under the "Travel" category but oh well, it seems to me that someone in the devs loves skiing obviously :)



  • Next is a great one, "Car" - I honestly think that there's no one who doesn't want to have his own car and travel with it. I think this one is one of the popular choices.



  • "Gadgets", another top choice - we're living in a time where smartphones and other smart gadgets are popping out in the market every now and then, and some gadgets are becoming a necessity for us to communicate effectively and ease the way of living. I know people who like to change their smartphones to the new models every year and so they are allocating some part of savings for it.351665157-2fa2e33f9a9e57f69da15663298348efab30c7260ca266d19de89dfd65556e6f.png


  • "Events" - you can choose this one if you want to save for some concerts or other live events of popular artists and you can also use it when you want to save for your own birthday or someone else's birthday who are really close to you.351665157-4c4126496a87ff20b35c572a4bb6609a4c2b3ddee1dc5affa3777b71817e3e61.png


  • Next choice is "Home" - under this category, you can save for home furniture and the actual home itself. This is actually my first wish I created which is a 4K television.351665157-b876240fcae462bb4d796cb278c8704740f5a3277e8c671c6af7df5713e347af.png


  • "Gift" - choose it obviously when you want to save and purchase a present to give to someone or even to yourself; rewarding yourself from time to time is actually a good habit.


  • "Shopping" - I bet most of the people who use this wish category are girls. They do love shopping and we can't argue with that.



  • Last 2 are "iPhone" and "Playstation" - I can't consider these 2 as categories as they are too specifics wishes. Moreover, "iPhone" is a bit discriminatory to those people who love Android but never mind that, we can just choose the "Gadget" category :)


  • Wait! There is actually one last category which is the most important one, "Create Your Own". If your wish doesn't fall under any of the categories above, you may opt for this one to create your own.

Like I have previously instructed in my other blog, once you choose your Wish, you need to have a name for it then indicate its cost and choose how long you think you are likely to save for it and achieve it. 


That's it for this blog. Next time, we will explore the Smooves which is a very smart feature of the Savedroid app. 'Till next time folks.

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