The Absolutely Complete and Total Balance To Life

By KilSkillz Sacue | Sauce Sight | 5 Feb 2019

I wrote this self-help book for everyone! I self-published it on for download or paperback. I call it the Absolute, Complete, and Total Balance To Life. No big deal, I just want to help ever human to have a balanced good life, so I feel like I’ve studied this human nature path for all of us.

My book is based on the knowledge of mind, body, soul, and matter as all there is in our reality. This is what we need to have balance in our lives. In the book, I write about this being the core of having a good life, but there’s the 2nd part of the knowledge that goes into how to be righteous and how not to be evil. The knowledge isn’t something I’ve invented or reinvented, it’s just something I found out about us. It's ancient knowledge.

The how to be righteous and how not to be evil part is based on our sins and virtues, but it’s not a religious thing. It is our human nature. In the book, I talk about conspiracy theories and all that good stuff when it comes to why I think this knowledge was hidden or used to mislead people. But, truly the real power is in the bulk of what I kick it about in the book and it's like a manual on how to be good and how to avoid being a bad person. At the same time, you will ally a balance to yourself that absolutely, completely and totally helps you be good to yourself.

So, please look into my book if you’re looking for the positive paths and ways of being a good person. If you are seeking righteousness, but you’re not looking for some religious thang or some cult-like stuff then check me out. It's like I found ancient scrolls and republished long lost wisdom and understanding. Again, the book is The A.C.T. Balance To Life written by me, Ken F. Riley Jr. 



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