Sunny Cartel, Valid 313, & Ilajide on The Finest Radio Show

By KilSkillz Sacue | Sauce Sight | 6 May 2019

The Finest Radio Show hosted by Merch Music, Vanilla Sky, & Ms. Netria. Sometimes it's so hard for people to listen and support people because it seems so many people are stuck on they owe b.s. around here. Many people will not really read this cause they stuck on they self and not doing a thang, but judging other folks.  But forget other people who can't see pass they own steaming pile. So, forget those closed-minded high-horse people and get open for this one because The Finest Radio Show brings real diversity. Catch this interview then watch these videos to learn about real hip hop.  I'll probably do part two of this interview later because it was dope with double the guest.  

Sunny Cartel Fresh To Death is the new joint on the way. He has Dying II Live out now. This is one of Detroit's coolest lyrical masters. Once you hear these rhymes it'll make you want more and say, "Who in the funyuns is this!" 

Valid 313 He is a big fan of Hip Hop who had pix of D12 on the wall as a teen and remembering groups like Raw Collection, classic Detroit music. Watch him kill this rap challenge on the show. His new album Mihajlo has a release party on Sat. May 11th. with performances by him, Clear Soul Forces, A Minus, SupaEmcee and hosted by Ellie Sandiego. Underground@dime 1265 Griswald St. Detroit with the special guest DJ Saint Nick. But, the release date for Mihajlo is Fri. 5/3/19, preorder now available on vinyl LPs and CDs at the site. Ecosse is where the studio at Southwest Detroit styling is how we do.   


The Finest Radio Show plays 24/4. The Call'em Out challenge is sponsored by the Carpe Diem radio station, so bring yo lyrics. 

Ilajide is a Killa by himself but he is a member of Clear Soul Forces. If you didn't know, I believe this group is the continuation of the true boom bat Hip Hop that comes out of Detroit. 





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