Soul Poetic's Hip Hop Music NFT!

By KilSkillz Sacue | Sauce Sight | 23 Oct 2021

Buy this Hip Hop music NFT from Soul Poetic.

Publish0x isn't allowing the NFT banner for our art to come up, but the links work.  So, check out our Hip Hop music NFT and own original music. You can hear this music on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, other major places.  This is a new way we are going to to take third-parties out of our lives and away from being the road-blocks to our fans.  So, come take a look at & listen to our art!  KilSkillz Sauce and Smoki Skills from Soul Poetic making Hip Hop with other dope artist too like Pay Style Records.  Plus, this is where you can invest in us and we can make bread together!

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KilSkillz Sacue
KilSkillz Sacue

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Sauce Sight
Sauce Sight

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