Some of the best Crypto shows to watch to make yo money grow!

By KilSkillz Sacue | Sauce Sight | 18 Mar 2021

Again, this is a list of the best crypto shows to watch if you speak English.  I watch these shows on a daily basis for the best information on the entire space of blockchain, Bitcoin, and other altcoins like ETH.  Believe me, you are nowhere near late to the game, there are a lot of winners just getting started and a lot of assets and start-ups that are still very solid investments to get into to secure your value for the future.  Plus, the thought of getting stupid paid right now in your life.  Or, at least leave a nest egg for your children. 

The Crypto Blood is one of the dopest shows I watch to get the most info from.  This is like my honest to God 3rd best show that I watch to get my info and news on the Crypto space.  Honestly, my top 5 shows hold the #1 spot in this whole crypto space.  Think about it, this is a Worldwide Phenomenon, but I can only tell you about shows that are hosted by people who only speak English.  But, if you speak English Crypto Blood has one of the best shows in the whole crypto space.  And true, he is playing one of my songs throughout this whole show.  

Now you will forgive me if this makes me as crazy as the intro to this one show, but Crypto Zombie is my #1 show to watch on crypto for so many reasons beyond it being the most entertaining.  Compared to most of the shows that most of us grew up on or us too, this show is the complete show in terms of having a funny intro, informative content, and then a classic outro.  I would hope that this show and my other top 10 shows would be the type of shows that would keep you interested in this new market space, so you can grow your life a champ.

Next on top of the space is E. T. phone the moon, lol.  Forreal though, it is top-notch knowledge and that comes from this guy's great study of the game. The investments that you can make by watching people like this can change your life for the better if you have the sense to follow the advice wisely. 










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