Leaf Erikson on The Finest Radio Show: A Canvas Of Hope album.

By KilSkillz Sacue | Sauce Sight | 28 Apr 2019

The Finest Radio Show, an Internet radio station playing 24/7 for your Hip Hop listening pleasure.

It's mostly Detroit underground music or Detroit's major music and song creators in Hip Hop. This is insight on Leaf Erikson that was nominated for best MC at the Detroit Hip Hop music awards. The Finest Radio Show on Facebook is where you can see the live talk show with in-depth interviews every Sat. from 2pm - 4pm like this one. 

Leaf Erikson started recording his new album, A Canvas Of Hope, in 2017, but he said life got in the way a bit. Initially, it was going to be called "Fall Equinox" but his peeps Meftah and he change the title and scrap the concept. One day, Leaf heard a speaker say "a canvas of hope" and just like that, things started to make sense. They wanted the album art grimy because even in grit you can find where a foundation exists, kinda like what the poet Tupac Shakur talked about in "The Rose That Grew From Concrete". 

Unfortunately, the house on the front cover no longer exists. It's now a vacant lot that remains undeveloped, like many areas in the city of Detroit. The back cover has the song titles listed literally in the middle of the street, while the album contributors are listed on the concrete. Leaf initially shot the photos in color but didn't think it would tell the story properly, but the black and white felt more expressive. 

This album is the first of three in a series of projects centered around Detroit. The stories are about tragedy, triumph, and the journey people experience along the way. 

credits: A Canvas Of Hope was released March 9, 2019 

All tracks are produced by Meftah 
Additional percussion (Soul Shaker) by Leaf Erikson on "Zone East" 

Mixing and mastering by Eddie Logix at Dubtown Market 
Photography by V. Corey Greenleaf 
Design by John Shaughnessy


The Finest Radio Show: The D SPOT
& Autobahn Collision @CoreyMike http://www.autobahncollisionshop.com/ CALL 248-586-9003

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