Interview with Comi$$ion and Awesome Dre on The Finest Radio Show

By KilSkillz Sacue | Sauce Sight | 12 May 2019

The Finest Radio Show presents Commi$$ion putting in triple threat work writing, graphic designer, and rapping. STARTED AS A GRAPHIC DESIGNER IN THE LATE 00’S, HIS HIP-HOP BLOG/LABEL SPARKHOP & ORGANIZED SPARKFEST– A 40+ ACT LOCAL HIP HOP ALL DAY FEST 3 YRS RUNNING. HE’S TEAMED UP WITH THE LONGEST STANDING MICHIGAN HIP HOP WEBSITE DETROITRAP.COM AS THE EDITOR & WEBMASTER. HE IS CURRENTLY AT WORK CRAFTING HIS DEBUT ALBUM AS COMMI$$ION. This interview shows off the intelligent MCs' that come out of the Detroit area. When you want to hear more from Commission you should go to his website because it's designed great. You can hear samples of his music right on the front page with pictures, interview info, and this video. And as always we bring you real MCs as Commission rips up the freestyle on the Call'em Out Challenge sponsored by Carpe Diem

We had some tech problems, so you will have to watch the Commission interview on the fb page.



Next, the living legend Awesome Dre, one of Detroit's 1st famous rappers.

His classic album cover with the image of LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee on their knees in front of Awesome Dre with the tummy-guns to'em is truly memorable for capturing the time. It really expressed the feelings of our artists in Detroit who felt looked over by the music industry. Awesome Dre and The Hardcore Committee is as classic to Detroit as Porterfield Wilson Pontiac, Mazda & Honda, The Wizard, and Piston Bad Boys. 

He brought an instrumental created by Killa Smothe and smashed the track with a written and freestyle rap. Then he dropped the knowledge on us about a lot of things like recording on 8 track studios, times where only dope boys had the money to do thangs, and real wisdom about dealing with the business end. Plus, knowing the streets level of thangs. 

His debut album “You Can’t Hold Me Back” released on Jorlands Records in ’87 and it's considered by many a classic. There are cuts like “Frankly Speaking” & ”Committing Rhymes”. Awesome Dre can be found on Priority Records, appearing on Rap City, MTV, Billboard magazine charts, Spotify & more! There's the LP “A.D.’S Revenge” released on Strictly Roots Records in ’93 that included the singles “Dis Is Babylon” & the title track. But, this time his lyrics included more consciousness in the street knowledge. Now, Awesome Dre has released the single “Top Tens” in 2009, continuing to record and tour with the new album and DVD released in 2013.

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