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CashGold is a Gold backed cryptocurrency too

By KilSkillz Sacue | Sauce Sight | 17 Jan 2020

The thinking is that gold backed cryptocurrency will change the World.  There are a few places that are backing their altcoins with real assets and this one is doing it with real gold.  This will revolutionize how the World will spend real money in the future by combining the trusted age-old gold and the revolutionary cryptocurrency.  Now there's a nice number of altcoins that say they're backed by gold, my #1 is Karatbars for one main reason, cashgold.

I know that's a lot to take in if you are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, altcoins, assets, Karatbars or cashgold.  Read on and just about anyone will get caught up enough to make a decision to join this futuristic idea.  In this idea, this company also brings Karatbank offering a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.  It's designed to be an accepted electronic means of payment backed by the tradition of gold which is true, secure, and a stable medium.

The Top 3 Reasons:

  1. Buy real Gold for saving and protecting your investment.
  2. Cashgold is a new idea of buying and selling in small amounts like .1g which is revolutionary.
  3. On top of a crypto set to make the World notice the unique opportunity.


I'm sure you would agree, at the beginning of using gold for payments there became problems like purity and other inconsistencies.  Meaning, there was a need for the human community on a whole to agree on the price.  Somewhere along the line, the biggest problem became gold has continuously became replaced with bank notes.  That means it's not the prices raising, it the value of the dollar falling.  There are other problems with gold, but they pale in comparison to printing paper backed by small amounts of state-owned gold.

Here are 2 main solutions:

  • Cashgold is something you have to see for yourself, because not only does it solve the problem of being able to trade gold in .1g amounts.  That's around 7 dollars and the killer is that it looks like a dollar bill.  Or, get a gram that's in a setting that looks like a credit card.  That's super sweet.
  • The ICO met the Worldwide need for a gold-backed asset.  Each coin represents a certain weight of gold and can be exchanged for physical cashgold at any time.  Yes, this means trading the cryptocurrencies and turning that fiat money from around the World into actual gold.

Please watch this video, Owen breaks it down in great detail with his video, Bitcoin vs Gold (karatbars).  But only If you are ready to Shop for CashGold!

Gold backed cryptocurrency will change the World!

Karatbars, in my opinion, will be the #1 business to innovate the way we spend money in the future.  This could change the World completely. The 3 reasons why:

  1. Cashgold: Hand-to-hand tradable, will be accepted at retail, encased in a new unique way that's transportable, and more.
  2. The cryptocurrency backed by gold.
  3. The Karatpay app will allow you to pay in gold with your phone.

The amazing thing about the KaratBank Coin is that its encrypted gold that can be transferred across borders, it's cost-efficient, private and in real-time.  Its value is predictable because the value of gold has a long tradition of stability.  To make it clear, the top 3 keys to think about if you were thinking about investing in this company:

  • They already have a working product that is gold and beyond.
  • They are in 120 countries serving over 480,000 customers.
  • These customers have already spent 120,000,000 in EUR with them.

Here is a more in-depth video about the whole subject.  This is Owen's video Bitcoin vs Gold part 2 and it's great!  But, if you are ready, shop for CashGold.  Or, if you are interested in owning your own gold store for free.  Need more information first.

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