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Bitcoin @ New High $67,000!

By KilSkillz Sacue | Sauce Sight | 22 Oct 2021

Well, with the announcement of a Bitcoin E.T.F. we have bitcoin going crazy with a big jump up and now this little pull back.  This pump put bitcoin's new all-time new high at around $67,000, but as I'm writing this post the next day the price was around $61,000.   I watch the news shows of people like Crypto Blood, Crypto Kirby, Ellio Trades Crypto, and DavinciJ15 just to name a few.  So,  I watching Alexander Lorenzo kick it about what's poppin' in the market and he gives good insight about what's going on with the being a futures ETF and not a spot ETF.  And, now I'm seeing crypto IRAs that you can get through Coinbase.   This is my referral link so we both can get a bonus if you are new to Coinbase

This is not financial advice, I'm not a financial advisor, or a pro trader, so you should do you own research for your own decisions.  From here I can see it's a lot of cryptos for us to get into and then there's NFTs making noise.  I'm gonna buy on red days and take profits on green days.  There are major companies going onto blockchain tech, building cryptos, and putting bitcoin on the books.  It's going down.  Peace.  

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