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Alien Worlds Mining on MetaForce Lands Earns Free NFTs, $TLM, and $CMX

By SirLRonHODLer | Sats and Shills | 26 Nov 2022

Note: All the information below is publicly available on the MetaForce Discord server. Also, always double check links provided in any "how to" guide for reliability. Scams are everywhere...really! Links for everything are provided here, but please practice vetting these too on discord servers and project whitepapers and websites!

MetaForce Comics ( is the first of its kind NFT game (whitepaper), with unique characters battling in an NFT comic book series, social events on Twitch, and unique ways to play games on the WAX blockchain. Recently they implemented a smart contract on the WAX blockchain that turns NFTs into the fungible token $CMX. So, I wanted to provide an easy step-by-step guide to mine these NFTs and how to turn them into $CMX. You'll see that once you have your first small investment, you can earn $CMX via this process until they complete the tokenized NFT runs out, for which there is a mint run of 140000. The process is a bit clunky at first, but after going through the process once, you'll be set for easy $CMX mining!

The steps are as follows, and will be expanded after the list:

1. Mine on the MetaForce NERI 33:5 land 
2. Purchase a Token Press - 1 CMX (2022) NFT
3. Blend earned AW Mining Tickets and Token Press for 1 CMX - 2022 NFT
4. Transfer 1 CMX - 2022 NFT using smart contract
5. (recommendation) Repeat the steps using the $CMX you just earned

OK, now the nitty gritty but simple steps expanded:

1. Mine on the MetaForce NERI 33:5 land 

If you are versed in Alien Worlds, just navigate your way to the NERI 33:5 land, start mining, and skip to step #2!

If you are new to Alien Worlds, don't fret because the investment is very tiny. Alien Worlds is a NFT game on the WAX blockchain, and you can definitely search tons on the internet to find strategies and NFTs. Register your WAX at, choose an avatar, and purchase tool NFT for the game. A simple standard shovel NFT sells for about 0.10 WAX on Atomic Hub. You can of course increase your mining power by purchasing a better tool, and this will affect your $TLM income, but here is what I have right now to earn free MetaForce NFTS:

Minimum requirements to mine and earn

Once you have these NFTs, navigate yourself to Tree Forest land coordinates 33:5 on the Neri World:

MetaForce Land on Neri

Then press the Mine button: 


The Mine button will change, and then press the Claim Mine button and approve the transaction:

Claim Mine

Claiming each mining session with the minimum mining requirements will earn you a minimum amount of $TLM, usually its around 0.001-0.01 TLM per mining session.

But the awesome thing is what you will see eventually pop up in your WAX wallet is a random amount of AW Mining Tickets for free. I don't know what the rate is, sometimes I can earn 1/day, other times I've earned 10/day. But these NFTs are rewards for helping mine on their Alien Worlds land. Here is what the AW Mining Tickets look like:

AW Mining Ticket

You will need 5 AW Mining Tickets to blend for the fungible token, so after you've collected 5, proceed to step 2.

2. Purchase a Token Press - 1 CMX (2022) NFT

Navigate your browser to the MetaForce Nefty marketplace: and purchase a Token Press - 1 CMX (2022) NFT for 0.05 $CMX. If you don't have $CMX, you can swap for $CMX with WAX on exchanges such as Alcor Exchange ( or TacoSwap ( Today, November 26, 2022, the exchange rate is approximately 1 WAX = 1.195 CMX.

Token Press - 1 CMX (2022)


3. Blend your earned AW Mining Tickets and Token Press for a 1 CMX - 2022 NFT

Navigate your browser to the MetaForce Nefty blend page: and blend your 5 AW Mining Tickets and Token press. Easiest way since the mint numbers don't matter, click that "Auto-Select" button to load your NFTs.

Auto-select NFTs

Once all your NFTs are loaded, the "Blend" button will be executable. Click the "Blend" button to blend and confirm the transaction if necessary.


After blending, the following 1 CMX - 2022 NFT will appear in your WAX wallet:

1 CMX - 2022


4. Transfer the 1 CMX - 2022 NFT using their smart contract

OK!! Now here's the really cool part! MetaForce has implemented a NFT - token bridge that can exchange nonfungible tokens for fungible tokens, and vice versa!! So, if you have a 1 CMX - 2022 NFT, you can convert that to 1 $CMX; or if you have 10 $CMX, you can actually convert that back to a 10 CMX - 2022 NFT! what?! YUP!!!

So let's give it a try!

Important here: you must type everything in correctly or the conversion will fail. And, yes, I am taking this from their public discord server, but please always check everything!

To burn your CMX NFTs and convert to fungible $CMX
-> Transfer as many NFT tokens as you want, of any denomination, to the address "" and you must include the memo "burn". The contract will then send you fungible CMX to the wallet from which you sent the NFT(s).

For transparency, the smart contracts are here:

As an example, I will convert two of the 1 CMX - 2022 NFTs into 2 $CMX fungible tokens, shown below:

burning for 2 $CMX

Congratulations! Now you are earning both $TLM and $CMX by mining on Alien Worlds!!

With $CMX in hand, you can do a lot of things now. Without giving an financial advice here, some options are:

  • Use the $CMX utility to purchase more Token Press - 1 CMX (2022) NFTs so you can easily blend the AW Mining Tickets again in the future without swapping, and
  • You can use $CMX to provide LP tokens on the new Taco Swap Meal program: You can earn some pretty nice rewards this way. A snapshot of today's rewards is below:

LP Rewards for $CMX on taco swap


And make sure to check out the awesome illustrations and comic book series by MetaForce! So much awesome utility and first-in-class utility!


Important claims: I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research before you invest any money. Crypto currency is not FDIC insured. SirLRonHODLer is the artist behind BakR d0mains on XTZ. I own an air fryer.

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