What Is Money 2022?

By SatoshiConomy | SatoshiConomy | 16 Apr 2022

What Is Money 2022?

*Money Is A Language
*Money Is A Language Of Value
*Curencies Are The Words We Use To Communicate That Value

A super stupid, simple, quick, fundamental and basic explain about what money is in 2022 all over the world.

About 100% of the total global monetary system operates as a "fractional-reserve-banking system," or in other words, as an inflationary-monetary-policy design.

This system taxes the poor, while it benefits those with assets.

For example, one who "buys" a house via a bank loan on a 30-year contract...essentially freezes the monthly dollar debt to satisfy the mortgage in time and space on the day of purchase.

So essentially, within an inflationary-monetary-design where dollar currencies are ever-increasing in abundance over time, the payor is able to pay the mortgage off with ever-cheaper dollars.

For example, a $500 loan payment in 1992 may have bought a $100,000 house, whereas in 2022, that same $500 loan payment might be paying off that same house which might appraise for $1 Million in 2022.

So, for those unable to buy assets such as real estate, gold, silver, or energy commodities like oil, gas, water, electricity, or fine art...or Bitcoin...the total global monetary system taxes the poor and benefits the rich who have assets. (Asset prices generally outpace dollar purchasing power over years and decades.)

Let me put it this way:
The Poor Spend,
The Middle-Class Saves,
The Rich Invest.

Being reminded of this fact about money in 2022 will help you maintain and grow your financial empowerment.


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