SatoshiConomy Reveals The Next World Reserve Currency
SatoshiConomy Reveals The Next World Reserve Currency

By CryptoZonZ | SatoshiConomy | 17 Sep 2019

SatoshiConomy Reveals The Next World Reserve Currency


Take a walk with me through recent global economic history, and be amongst the first to hear an unbiased prediction of the world's next reserve currency.

SatoshiConomy recounts the most important global economic events since 1900 up until a speech by Mark Carney in Jackson Hole, Wyoming a few days ago.

The British Pound Sterling, The Central Bank In America, World War 1 & 2, The Bretton Woods System, Nixon's 1971 infamous decree and Fiat Currency, The Petro Dollar, Bitcoin, Gold, Libra, Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Today, we have 3 different types of currency: 1) National Currency, 2) Corporate Currency, and 3) People's Currency.

And we are about to see the world's monetary elite launch a newly designed digital currency which will rock the world.

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*Monetary Policy "must listen"
Robert Kiyosaki interviews Jim Rickards (especially @ 37:00 mark)

*Bretton Woods System article:

*The Libra Whitepaper

*Mark Carney suggests global digital reserve currency, August, 2019 at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Donald Amstad's sobering global economic assessment -An EXCELLENT EXPOSÉ

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