Bitcoin Is A Peaceful Technology

By SatoshiConomy | SatoshiConomy | 12 Aug 2021

Some estimate that about one third of the world lives under some form of a dictatorship:  A hybrid of dictators, a military dictatorship, a monarchy, a singular dictator, or a single-party dictatorship.

Bitcoin is the first digital monetary network which synchronizes wallets globally at the speed of light, and has never been hacked.  Soon, there'll be 5 billion mobile phones that act as a bank, and by storing bitcoin in them, enabling people anywhere to participate peacefully, and without permission or obstruction of forward momentum, in a borderless, independent financial system granting sovereignty to those who opt in.  It's the antithesis of a dictatorship.

When you understand that Bitcoin offers a design for unconfiscatable property, you will also see that it's the first form of money you can literally carry in your brain, or as most do, in a wallet with private and public keys that, when handled properly, practically guarantee its protection from loss.

The peaceful and calm setting i shot this video in reminded me of Bitcoin in the sense of the peacefulness, simplicity, and calm of the environment.

Bitcoin is truly a peaceful technology, bringing freedom and financial stability, property rights, and peace without bombs or bullets.

SatoshiConomy donates 100% of profits to charity or green-energy projects enabling off-grid lifestyles.  i wish you well, i wish you wealth, i wish you health, and until next time, Peace! 😎

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Bitcoin NFT & Web3 Curator Since 2015. Free Consults. No Sponsor...Bias Is Mine Only. #LoveAllServeOthers


Bitcoin, NFT & Web3 Curator Since 2015. Free Consults. No Sponsor...Bias Is Mine Only. #LoveAllServeOthers

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