Who Can You Trust? Finding Crypto Mentors

Who Can You Trust? Finding Crypto Mentors

By EsoterRick | EsoterRick Musings | 15 Aug 2021

It is true, the cryptocurrency phenomenon is like the wild west. It will go through many growing pains with time, and perhaps one day will find its place as a powerful force in our world - for the good. In the meantime, many people are looking for guidance on how to successfully maneuver this great opportunity. But there are many voices and discovering the good ones can be challenging. I usually use a four-pronged approach for my investigation.

  1. Research
  2. Maintain a healthy skepticism. Don’t be afraid to question anything or anyone.
  3. Utilize good resources (both people and technical)
  4. Test your findings

Sadly, we humans really are just like sheep, and often follow shepherds who lead us right into slaughter. But we need good shepherds to help guide us on our path. In the sea of a multitude of voices, one needs to be discerning in who they choose to guide them. In that regard, I would like to provide you with one voice who I consider an excellent crypto mentor.

I have a wide number of resources I listen to for guidance; and I always use my filter of skepticism to aid me in my research. I like to approach any endeavor with a wide sweeping view and find as many resources as possible. From there I narrow down my choices, listen for bull$%&, listen for credibility, and find out for me what is usable and what is not. In that regard, I would highly recommend that you cast your own wide net in your research for mentors (this site is a good one for it).

A favorite voice I like to listen to is Crypto Wendy O. She is not the only one, but she has attributes that I find to be significant and well worth considering. Some of you will be familiar with Crypto Wendy O. She has a YouTube presence as well as other social media presences (her web site is listed below for your perusal). Let me tell you why you should add her to your online mentor list and consider utilizing her as a trusted source of knowledge and advice.

Credibility. She is not the most knowledgeable or experienced and I do not agree with everything she says, but she doesn’t require that. She appears to be absolutely transparent and credible with her information. What you see is what you get. You know where she is coming from and why. She is reliable and refreshing and has an interesting perspective.

She gets to the point. Her shows do not drag on but are focused and salient. She also does one-minute videos where she describes her point: she gets in and gets out and you get the message – in one minute. She is an excellent communicator (her videos are fun as well).

She doesn’t ask you for money, nor is she trying to sell anything. She does provide links for resources that she will get rewarded for, but she tells you that up front.

I find she is very thoughtful and wicked smart. She is someone I would personally collaborate with on any project or hire in a second. I like the way her mind works.

She is humble. I appreciate someone who can admit when they don’t know something and states it. She carefully points out what her opinions are and does not disguise them as authoritative fact.

She appears to have incredible heart. Her passion for crypto is self-evident. Her passion for her family is endearing. She has promoted funding for a community gym that helps others. She has promoted crypto for those without banking resources, but who can benefit from crypto. She has begun providing local get-togethers for crypto enthusiasts (in the Los Angeles and now San Diego areas. I’m jealous being in Seattle.). She is for justice, and that shines like a bright light through her many messages.

She regularly provides good resources: good opinions, excellent guests, and her own Technical Analysis. In general, I am skeptical of TA with crypto, but am open to any reasonable way to assist in analyzing the potential trading positions. In short, these are just resources, and not commandments. Take what works for you.

Trust. For me she is trustworthy. This is the kind of person I would want to have for a friend or coworker. Trust and credibility are everything in those I partner with. Again, this doesn’t mean she is always right, or I have to agree with her, but I believe her motivations are as pure as you can get. This and her other features are worth more than Bitcoin.

There is a lot more to Wendy as well which you can check out on her web site, her YouTube channel (like and subscribe, of course) and linktr.ee.



Here is a sample of her one-minute video if you haven’t seen her before.


Disclaimer: I do not know Wendy personally, nor am I receiving any payment for this review. In fact, she has no idea who I am. This review is based on my interactions with her online presence, I have no doubt my opinion would be enhanced were I to meet her in person. I believe good people should be recognized and commended. In this case, I am hoping you might find her of interest as a potential guide on your journey in crypto.

Thank you for reading this with me.



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