Project Overview: Emeldi Group

It’s no secret that blockchain tech is being integrated into more and more industries today. Secure and transparent digital records, the ability to facilitate smart contracts … what’s there not to like about blockchains, right?

With its potential to revolutionise the way information is stored and shared, the future of our interaction with both digital assets and the natural world will be tied up to blockchains. Just imagine how fast and secure will the world be when blockchains will be at their full capacity!

Let’s dive into one of the most ambitious illustrations of the merger between blockchain tech and the real world. Meet Emeldi Group, the company that’s about to bring a revolutionizing Web3 telco superapp to life.

Main Takeaways

  • The First Web3 telecom superapp to revolutionise the way people interact with mobile devices
  • It will include instant messaging, video calls, e-commerce, CRM and mobile money transfer
  • Brings at least 10 new products on the market, including a revolutionising NFT marketplace
  • Has over 150 employees, most of them experienced IT professional developers
  • Greatly designed tokenomics and economics for their new upcoming tokens

What is EMG?

EMG or Emeldi Group is a family of associated companies that has a successful reputation in the Telecoms Sectors with CSPs, providing for their evolving needs for enterprise software in the BSS (Business Support Systems) segment, notably E-commerce.

The newly emerged company will devote itself to the development and commercialisation of software products and services targeting some of the exciting and fast-growing “digital assets” market segments in the world.

The difference between Emeldi and any other startup out there is the rich background they’re coming with. The company will have at its disposal a portfolio of legacy assets that reside in the existing Emeldi companies.

What Makes EMG Unique?

  • 20+ years of experience in the Telecoms Sector and CSPs
  • Wide portfolio of high-end customers
  • World-class partners like Polygon, GSR and BTS Ventures
  • 50 million active users and partners around the globe
  • Comprehensive CRM system for managing customer interactions

Existing Products

Although Emeldi can be fairly labelled as a new company, they’ve already a large portfolio of products that can already be used by simple users. Let’s take a dive and analyze the most important one of them.

EMG SuperApp

EMG SuperApp is a suite of products combined in one application and offered to their clients through EMG’s mobile service provider clients around the world. These are major well-established blue-chip clients, each having an already-existing user base of millions. The application contains all the products you may need in your daily life: money transfers, instant messaging, video calls, e-commerce, CRM and many other Web3 services in the pipeline.

EMG Coin — Telcom Token

What better way to gather funds and investments for future software developments than your own cryptocurrency, right? But EMG isn’t your usual crypto! The EMG token is a ‘real yield’ token that gives amazing benefits to its holders. They will share 10% of the revenue from real-world business — mainly the EMG Super App, amongst all token stakers in the staking pool, in addition to a dedicated allocation of EMG tokens designed to reward early stakers.

E-commerce NFT Marketplace

This is the first project to use Emeldi’s E-commerce platform to offer a comprehensive digital marketplace for buying and selling all manner of digital products and services, such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), artwork, E-games, digital tickets to online performances, and community subscriptions.

Token sales and economics

Token sales data

Token Overview & Use Cases

The EMG coin will be a utility token used throughout the EMG ecosystem as the basis of transactions and interactions. It will be used across the ecosystem by NFT artists, gamers and investors.

  • Artists on the NFT marketplace will be able to mint Assets (NFTs) with EMG
  • SVD E-Game Players play to earn, create and sell their ideas on the marketplace
  • With SuperApp, EMG holders will have cash-backs, no fees, instant transactions, and other rewards
  • Many users holding EMG tokens will get airdrops of NFT characters
  • Token holders will get 10% of the revenue from Emeldi’s real-life business

Roadmap & Updates

Completed Milestones

Emeldi has already completed three of its 3 milestones in the current Roadmap.

Current Roadmap

The next milestone in their roadmap is probably the most important one. SuperVerse Discovery Game is one of their biggest and most promising play-to-earn projects. Emeldi Group has acquired the rights to a traditional game that will provide the baseline input for the development of a next-Gen “Multiverse” game. This will include an important element of “Earn-as-you-play”; and could become a cornerstone source of significant revenues.

Project Team

Mark Bystriansky — Founder and Group CEO LinkedIn Twitter

Dusan Bystriansky — CFO LinkedIn

Igor Zavadovsky — Co-Founder and CBO LinkedIn

Pavel Chlad — Chief Product Architect LinkedIn

Jan Benes — Head of Strategic Partnerships

Jiri Dolezel — Chief EMG Software Architect LinkedIn

Igor Milenkovic — Head of Design and UX LinkedIn

Filip Bednarik — Super App Solution Architect LinkedIn


Telegram — 163k

Twitter — 61k

Instagram — 10k

Closing Thoughts

All in all, Emeldi Group is a great company with a lot of ambitious projects and interesting people to watch. They do put in the work and the hours to make their projects worth a shot in the big-money world.

Their Super App is probably going to be a game-changing software for both the digital asset market and the telecom market in Africa and overseas. Especially when you consider the fact that there’s no other competitor to even attempt such a big project in the first place.

Overall, their Super App, as well as their other projects, are worth looking into as they might be the next huge start-ups to emerge.


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