No one will object that NFT technologies and blockchain have recently become quite popular. More than 13 years have already passed since the creation of the first cryptocurrency — bitcoin in 2009. In small steps, people have been able to master this technology for purposes ranging from coin creation to entertainment. And we have no doubt that this is not the limit!

Blockchain games are a separate art form. There are a lot of these games out there now. However, none of those games included a fully decentralized ecosystem and a complete online experience, which are factors that should underpin blockchain games. And then came the revolution! Blockchain Monster Hunt is the first NFT game that lives on multiple blockchains


Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMH) is the world’s first multi-chain game that runs entirely on the blockchain itself. This means that BCMH is available on ETHEREUM, BINANCE SMART CHAIN, POLYGON, ETC.

The game tells us about some “monsters” that live on the blockchain. Unfortunately, not all of these creatures were friendly. Not only did they make other monsters as evil as themselves, they also started attacking the blockchain itself. But don’t be afraid! Scientists created a special glove that allowed people to directly interact with the blockchain and hunt monsters, as well as fight bad monsters to burn them off the blockchain.

The developers admitted that the sensational Pokémon-GO inspired them to create such a game. The gameplay of the game is designed for continuously exploring brand-new locations on the blockchain to hunt and battle monsters. Each block on the blockchain is a unique digital space where a limited number of Monsters (of the same DNA gene and rarity) may exist. Players and collectors can hunt or battle for a chance to capture these unique Monsters and to earn coins.

BCMH Attributes and monster speceis

Where will we get our monsters from? Monsters will be created along with new blocks in the blockchain. The attributes of the new monsters are based solely on the unique digital fingerprint of that block. That is, the hash of the blocks. This means that no one can predict or control the appearance and attributes of these monsters. Not even the developers will be able to interfere with this process.


There are 4 groups of Monster:

GENESIS: These are pre-mined Monsters.

CHAIN MASCOT: The symbol of multi-chain foundation of BCMHunt. They are born every time a new chain is connected to the BCMHunt multiverse. . They are born every time a new chain is connected to BCMHunt multiverse. They are super powerful warriors. With Mascot Monster in your team, you would have more rewards when battling monsters from the same chain that the mascot represents.

Currently, ther are Ultrox, Avatron, Bilanzer, Polipus, Etheritch and Kucoleon. More mascots would be born along with the growth of BCMHunt multiverse. Constantly check them out at the encyclopedia page.

WILD: These are Monsters that are born directly from the blockchain and can be hunted. There are 500+ species of wild monster with 10 elements and divided into 50 genus group representing for scarcity level

ARTIFICIAL (Genetically Engineered): These Monsters are created by merging high-level Monsters (which allows for the merging of rare traits). This is similar to a breeding system in other games.

Monsters Attributes


Monsters Species

There are 22 Genesis Monsters, 500 Wild Monster and an undefined number of artificial Monster species as well as Chain Mascot. Monsters of the same species share the same appearance, Elemental Type, Rarity and some battle abilities.

Monster Genus

Wild Monster species are divided into 50 genus groups, each having 10 Monster species. The genus-group dictates the rarity of a species and all species of the same genus share the same rarity. The higher the genus number, the rarer the Monster is.

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Monster Elemental Type

There are 10 Elemental Types: Earth, Electric, Water, Fire, Ice, Air, Dark, Light, Spirit, and Neutral.Each Monster has one primary Elemental Type

Monster Sound

Monsters of the same species make similar sounds, but each monster has a unique sound. The sound also changes as the Monsters level up.

Origin Block

Wild Monsters are caught from the blockchain, and the ‘origin block’ is the block it was innitially linked with.

Origin Chain

As the game runs on multiple chains, the “origin chain” is the original chain the Monster was caught on.


Monsters are stronger than other monsters of the same species at the same level if they have a higher perfection rate.


Monster levels start from 1 and can reach a maximum of 100.

Battle Stats: Health, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense

The battle stats play an important role in battle. The stats increase as Monsters level up.

Battle Power

The battle power is the average of all battle stats and indicates a Monster’s overall strength.


Crosschain Portal

No doubt`s that an NFT game that lives on multiple blockchains, sounds very impressive. But there`s a question:” How can I transfer BCMC and Monster NFTs across different blockchains? ” Develepers of this game solved that problem by creating a cross chain portal. A fee will be charged for each porting and will be collected in BCMC. To fund the gas fee on the target chain, the player has the option to convert BCMC to their target native chain currency to pay for the target chain’s gas fees. This service allows for a fast and convenient onboarding of players to the new chain.

How to play



Total Supply: 1B (total across all chains)

IDO Platforms:

ETH: Chainboost

BSC: Polkastarter

Polygon: MoonEdge


Unlock Schedule:

Public tokens have no locking period, these are 100% unlocked from day 1.

Private tokens are unlocked from 90 or 120 days, vesting over 1 year.

Marketing & Partnerships tokens are linear over 12 years.

Team & Advisors tokens are unlocked from 180 days, vesting over 2.5 years.

Eco-System tokens are linear over 6 years.

Mining tokens are linear over 12 years.


The project has a talented founding team with experience in international IT and gaming corporations such as Google, Facebook, Garena and Microsoft. They are also backed by many excellent investors and partners. In September 2021, the team closed its first $3.8 million investment round. The round was led by Animoca Brands with strategic investments from Polygon, PNetwork, SkyVision, ChainBoost, GD10 Venture, Everse Capital, Polkastarter, MoonEdge, MorningStar Ventures, Delta Blockchain Fund, HyperEdge, Hyperion Alpha, Safe Launch, Ignition, Chainflow, Double Peak. , DWeb3 and ZBSCapital.





Multi-chain trading is facilitated by a revolutionary interconnection portal technology within a company. This was not badly illustrated in the project BLOCKCHAIN MONSTER HUNT. It is indeed a unique game based on blockchain. I’m strongly recommend you to visit link bellow and follow them. This is a very promising project. So let’s follow its development together and how this game will open up new opportunities for us to develop the crypto industry

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