A Secret List of Crypto Statistics Sources

Having an accurate hold of the market with accurate and reliable data is crucial for anyone who wants to become a profitable crypto trader or investor.

Sometimes it can be challenging to follow the latest happenings within the digital assets sector, pick the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency trading platforms, or track various specific datasets that can benefit your next move. Here are the best crypto data websites and tools that you can use to master cryptocurrencies in 2022 without a hassle.

Crypto market data websites

It is highly essential to get platforms that provide instantaneous, almost real-time, and accurate information about circulating supply, price action, total supply, and much more. The procedure of analyzing market data needs integrating with different exchanges, calculating average prices, and normalizing data. All that needs to be done without any errors. Here they are:


CoinMarketCap is the most popular site that is used in the crypto market for checking volume, prices, and supply of coins. They have an extensive API for anybody who wants to pull in data to their user interface. It enables you to determine what everyone else in the market sees.


CoinCodex is a recognized and popular cryptocurrency tracker used for checking real-time coin prices, historical charts, crypto assets’ market capitalization, tracking portfolios, and much more. They also have a range of tools like cryptocurrency price alerts, calculators, and even a widgets.

Additionally, the platform aggregates the latest crypto news to help you make informed decisions while investing in cryptocurrencies. They also offer information about active ICOs and dApps. For those who want to have it all at their fingertips — you can download the CoinCodex app on the Google Play Store or Apple app store.


CyptoCompare is a site that has existed for a long time, offering reliable market data and tools to track portfolios and informative articles and news to learn about different coins and new developments. With such a huge following, it is worth following this platform.


CoinGecko offers a fundamental and extensive analysis of the entire crypto market. This platform tracks the price, volume, market capitalization and trends of all actively traded cryptos and also lists the inactive ones. Also, CoinGecko tracks community growth, significant events, open-source code development, and on-chain metrics.


Messari offers transparency to the crypto-economy. They help investors, regulators, and the general public to make sense of the nascent and revolutionary new asset class. They continuously build data tools that are assured to drive informed decision making and investment. Messari believes that crypto will democratize access to information in the future and give everybody the tools needed to build wealth.


Coinlib publishes crypto prices, charts, lists, and the current crypto market news. Moreover, they have an education section where you are assured of learning something about how to trade any token that you choose. Their collection of resources and trading software enables you to make all the informed decisions whenever you want to dive into the crypto markets. Whether you are looking for the best exchanges, crypto volumes, bitcoin dominance, technical analysis, or webinars, this is the place to look.


CoinCheckup was created to give more transparency to all the cryptocurrencies on the open market. The CoinCheckup platform makes it easy to research every coin before investing your money due to the number of data points it offers to users.

The team created a standardized research process and came up with formulas to grade the digital assets. Hence, all researched info for the users is available under the “Analysis tab” of each crypto coin. And it is just the tip of an iceberg. The platform also has a solid real-time market data tracker, predictions, and many educational resources available on the website.

Technical crypto data portals

These resources and tools enable you to make an in-depth analysis of the prevailing trends in the crypto space. They are guaranteed to help you make a profitable decision using real-time information. provides informative and exhaustive crypto analytics providing dependable trend analysis that lets you determine where the markets might move to next. They also offer coin overviews, API documentation coupled with crypto fear and greed index that enables you to determine what other investors are looking at.


Datamish is an excellent resource for anyone interested in margin trading. It provides margin data for the top cryptos, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, IOTA, EOS, and Ripple. It offers margin data and trends between one hour and a year. It also provides health scores letting you determine when the time is right to invest in any of the covered cryptocurrencies.

Skew Bitcoin Futures

Skew bitcoin futures enable you to determine the aggregated volumes of the BTC futures on all the top cryptocurrency exchanges. They offer the best insights, analysis, and analytics of the best sites to use mostly represented in graphs and charts. Anybody interested in investing bitcoin futures should look at this resource.

The CoinMetrics charts and data are designed for actionability since they are fit-for-purpose. Before developing a metric, they seek to understand it and what it tells about the crypto market. That is important since it enables them to come up with charts that investors can use while making their investment decisions. They deliver a never-ending process of learning and discovery. charts are the most informative source of data on the bitcoin blockchain. Their charts provide a lot of details ranging from market prices across major bitcoin exchanges, average block sizes, the number of daily transactions, and mempool size. They also offer cryptocurrency statistics, block details, mining information, network activity, and blockchain wallet activity.


Santiment provides you with a variety of SANGraph dashboards that let you determine the market trends on different time frames. MVRV, Maker DAO, Social Metrics, DEX Trades, and Miner stats are all available in graphical representation. If you are looking for historical balances and emerging trends in the crypto world, this is the place to look.


BitInfoCharts explores the entire crypto market, analyzes the data and shuts off the noise to bring you only the best, informative, actionable, and efficient data enabling you to learn what the current market entails. It has a calculator, explorer, crypto rich lists, actives users, and publishes extensive data of almost all the top cryptocurrencies in the current market.


Glassnode is a blockchain analytics and intelligence company that creates cutting-edge on-chain measurements and tools for digital asset stakeholders.

Constantly, the blockchain generates vast amounts of open, incorruptible financial data, which Glassnode uses to acquire accurate and reliable indicators of important economic activity in crypto networks. The website is revolutionizing how we monitor market sentiment and behavior by releasing this data to the public.

Via a sophisticated infrastructure of databases, tools, and qualified data scientists, it aggregates data from multiple blockchains and creates usable information. Ultimately thanks to their specialized expertise, the company is able to deliver on both quality and scalability, allowing users to obtain on-chain data.


Block’tivity determines the real value of any blockchain. A dependable way of considering the performance of any blockchain project is through its market cap. Another effective method is reviewing the activity on the network. A lot of ‘hype’ is responsible for misplaced capital in the crypto space. This platform determines the projects that are being used by people, which is the best predictive indicator of value anyone can have.

Cryptocurrency news aggregators

With a plethora of cryptocurrency news sites spewing thousands of articles daily and Twitter influencers spreading contradicting information and opinions, having a dependable source to aggregate all that data in one platform is quite helpful. These aggregators enable you to make a quick pulse on the market with news laid out in one place.


Cryptopanic is by far the most-advanced and recognized cryptocurrency news aggregator on the market. It enables users to customize their dashboard for price alerts. It saves a lot of time when it comes to keeping up with the most important news. Moreover, it is a top-notch crypto analysis tool for news.


Coinspectator is a free and one of the most recognized cryptocurrency news aggregator that lets investors, traders, and enthusiasts to monitor thousands of industry news sources in real-time. They have a wide array of tools that enable you to act quickly on the latest market volatility, crypto news, ICO launches, investment tips, project milestones and much more. This aggregator lets you know what is happening in the market and when it is happening in real-time.


For the last ten years, the crypto industry has thrived on news, developments, and an active community. Many crypto communities exist dominated by enthusiasts and experts who discuss ideas, events, and happenings that shape the industry as we know it today. Most of the communities interact actively on Reddit. Among the most active is the Bitcoin community.


The r/bitcoin community goes by the headline ‘The currency of the internet.’ This community is dedicated to Bitcoin, which is distributed throughout the world, acting successfully as decentralized digital money. No government, company or bank can control Bitcoin, which makes it highly attractive to many, as is evident from the over 1.3M members of this community. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts and proponents are libertarians. However, everyone is welcomed irrespective of their political philosophies.


Additionally, we highly recommend following the r/cryptocurrency subreddit, which currently has over 970k members and was meant to share the information about all-crypto things, not only Bitcoin.

To conclude, investing in financial assets is highly risky and we are not a financial advisor. The volatility that exists in the cryptocurrency market makes this nascent industry riskier whenever anyone decides to invest in it. But, with the right crypto tools and data sources, you can reduce the risks significantly.

The cryptocurrency data portals and tools will enable you to invest wisely, reduce risks and make informed decisions that might increase your return on investment.

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