Are Affiliate Programs A Good Way To Earn Additional Crypto?

By Sapphire | Sapphire Crypto | 17 Jun 2021

Additional Revenue Streams

If you are earning free Crypto on a daily basis, as well as creating passive earning mechanisms, you have probably considered affiliate programs within the space. These programs vary greatly, in that some require users to spend money in order to benefit, while others simply pay you for the activity of the users on the specific app or platform. I personally make use of both and generally only share those that I make use of. There are two very important aspects to consider when choosing affiliate programs. Firstly, they must offer some value to the user and secondly if they do not offer meaningful income, then they should at least be free and not require much time.

One of the reasons I don't share the Bityard referral program is that they do not offer low leverage. This means that new traders are most likely going to get wiped out. Bybit on the other hand allows as low as 1X, while the lowest leverage on Bityard is 5X, last time I checked. The minimum trade size on Bybit is also only a dollar, making it both an accessible and safe environment for traders of all levels.


Stormgain is another one that starts at 5X, which is only really suitable for experienced traders. I shared this program once prior to seeing the structure of the platform. If a trader is conservative and trades at 1X until he is more experienced, he can grow in skill and experience and eventually become successful. I feel that trading platforms that do not embrace noobs are in essence cashing in on them. This is my opinion and not necessarily the case. However, how can a user gain skills if he cannot start off slowly? I am sure that nobody reading this article had their first driving lesson in rush hour traffic right?

Bybit is an affiliate program I use, since I actually make use of their services and find them to be very efficient. Great trading pairs and leverage with great customer service. Withdrawals are processed in a good time and fees are not too bad relative to other exchanges and futures platforms. There are so many different affiliate models and most Crypto platforms do have one in some way, shape or form. Phemex is another alternative to Bybit that also has a larger selection of altcoins for traders to take advantage of.

Referral Programs That Get The Most Traction

Referral programs, such as the ones offered by Nexo and Celsius are very rewarding and yet there is a downside! They require new users to spend or invest $100 to $400 in order to be triggered. This does limit the frequency of new and approved referrals, which leads marketers to make use of free referral programs. The upside here is that you can manage to gain hundreds and thousands of referrals! The downside however is that the earning potential is significantly lower.


This is why most marketers will combine lower converting programs with higher converting programs, in order to increase their odds. CryptoTab, for instance has 18 million users due to the fact that marketers can leverage a multi tier referral program and gain loads of referrals. More users are further onboarded due to there being no cost barrier to utilize the service.

This is another reason why old platforms such as Freebitcoin and Cointiply are still being marketed. People can join and make small amounts of Crypto as users and then further increase those earnings by aggressively marketing the referral programs. 

My Most Rewarding Affiliate Program

This is without any doubt, BetFury! Not only can you earn unlimited commissions from the activity of your referrals but also accumulate BFG tokens, which earn daily dividends in BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, USDT and BTT! Just yesterday saw the listing of the BFG token on Biswap and the token reached a high of approximately $0.18 and is currently trading significantly lower at approximately $0.07. So yes you can earn quite a lot of additional Crypto by utilizing affiliate programs but you will have to be extremely successful in order to make a full-time income from it.

It is however a very important channel to take advantage of due to the more passive element, which is always great to have. Please note that this is not an endorsement of any product or platform mentioned. Please do your own research as this is merely informative. Thanks for reading!



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Interesting views, news, opinions and all things Crypto. Independent and honest assessments of Crypto projects and earning opportunities within the space. Opinions are my own and not financial advice.

Sapphire Crypto
Sapphire Crypto

Interesting views, news, opinions and all things Crypto. Independent and honest assessments of Crypto projects and earning opportunities within the space. Opinions are my own and not financial advice.

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