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The Biggest Mistake New Entrepreneurs Make Marketing Their Business

Taqueria Syndrome

Have you ever gone to a Mexican restaurant and seen their menus. or their flyers. or their websites? Have you noticed how cluttered everything is? Have you noticed their menus are really hard to read most of the time? Have you noticed there's probably a million pictures, colors, and fonts going on? Have you noticed how busy their marketing is?

I mention Mexican restaurants because my dad and I run a Taco Truck in north McAllen, TX so I've had to do a lot of research on the subject, I'm not just talking out of my ass.

Before I get into today's blog, make sure you check out my dad's taco truck:

Tying to fit everything you offer into every single ad.

This is the biggest and most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make when starting their business. 

I understand how they feel and why they want to do this. They, the business owners, entrepreneurs, or new marketers want to get the most bang for their buck. They feel they have use every inch of the canvas and list every product or service they offer. The more things they list, the more likely the ad is to persuade a person to buy their product or service, is what they think. 

The reality is the opposite. 

Having too many things going on in an ad or in your social media content will distract your potential customers and maybe even deter them from making a purchase. A busy ad will make people just want to stop looking at it. The harder it is for people to read it, the less likely they are to read it.

The best thing to do is to break up your content into several different ads or different posts instead of trying to fit everything into one piece. This is why Twitter is so successful and why it helps branding so well, because it forces you to break up your content instead of displaying it all in one big piece. It also forces you to get creative with your writing because of the character cap, but more on that in future blogs posts. 

Remember my tweet about our Taco Truck?

Go back and look at it. Do you see how simple it is? Pretty clear message. The pictures I used are not nearly everything we have in our menu, it's just a few items. Twitter forces you to display your content more "cleanly." 

One of my favorite examples of good marketing and advertising is the apple website. Or even Google. Their use of negative space is superb. They do a really good job at highlighting the importance of the main content. The do it in very few words. And they run several different varieties of their ads. 

I remember when Apple came out with ipods in different colors and they ran a ton of different ads for colors and genres. That's what you have to do, break up your content into individual pieces of content and put them out one by one instead of confusing your audience. 

How does this help mindset?

A confused mind says no. Simple. Think of everything I mentioned, and apply it to your mind. A clean, empty mind will get a message across more clearly in both directions, in and out. Trying to fill yourself with a ton of knowledge is also a form of procrastination. I'm not saying to stop studying, you continue that shit every day. But don't spend too much time "studying", you will learn a lot by doing too not just by reading. 

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Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers

Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers
Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers

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