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Most Important Hacks for Mindset - do These Every Day

I recently dove into mindset content adding it to my brand, and it is actually a lot of fun exploring the subject a little more. 

I wasn't always this happy.

Even though today I live a happy, peppy life, it wasn't always like this. There was a time in my life when I was extremely depressed. I never got to the point where I was suicidal or anything of that nature, harm was never really in my mind. But getting up and getting out of my apartment was almost impossible. It took unconventional karate lessons to get me out of that rut, read a little more about that story on this thread: 

I've had to work very hard at developing the mindset I have. I compare the daily mindset battle to a balance beam you're trying walk on and a crowd of people are throwing things at you trying to knock you down. You have to keep going no matter what. If you fall, it's ok, just get back up and keep going. There isn't an actual destination the balance beam leads to, the reward is just staying on longer than everyone else to the point where their attempts do nothing to you anymore. 

I've had a pretty intense battle with depression in the past and have had to pull myself out of a nasty rut so when I decided to re-brand my content recently after a marketing course I read recently, and asked my audience what they needed most help with, I was excited you guys picked mindset because I feel like I actually have a lot of valuable opinions and content on the matter. 

Most Important Mindset Hacks

Since audience-driven content always performs best, I went back to my trusted system and asked my audience what they thought was most important for getting into the right mindset. Here's some of the things they responded, and what I do to keep my head in the game with these. 

  • Self-Awareness, getting to know yourself and letting go of worries of what people might think 
    • This an easy one, figure out who you are by reading up on the personality types and what best describes you. Something like this: 
      • The four colors of personality types: red, blue, green and yellow. Optimize your Young Living gameplan based on your own and your prospects’ personality traits. Become a more effective indepe…
    • Once you know who you are (it's ok to fit into more than one category), you will recognize what drives you and you will seek more of those activities. 
  • Self-esteem 
    • This is a tricky one because I feel like everyone responds to things differently. Some people might enjoy reading positive and encouraging comments while others might not. What works for my self-esteem is seeing daily progress. I like seeing the growth. I like comparing how sales were last month, and how we can beat that.
    • Seeing progress can be in many ways. You can learn an instrument, record yourself, and watch the video after a few weeks of daily grind. 
    • Exercise absolutely lifts your self-esteem. It's science. The energy gets you moving and your body releases endorphins. 
    • Improve your posture. This one seems silly to most people, and it's probably the easiest way to quickly lift your self-esteem. It's something you can easily in your very own chair, you don't even have to stand up. 
  • Focus
    • This is by far the thing I need help with the most. However, one thing I've learned about myself that helps me focus, is fun. I have to make activities fun in order for me not to lose interest in them. Usually adding some kind of game or competition is enough to keep me engaged. 
    • Another thing that works for me is writing my tasks for the day down on a dry erase board or legal pad and scratch them out as I'm going. I need to see the progress. 
    • Set daily, attainable goals - not a to-do list 
  • Service to Others (giving over taking)
    • This is probably one of the most counterintuitive things I've worked on personally. In order to develop an attitude of giving, you have to develop an attitude of gratitude first. You must be thankful for everything you already have before you can start giving to others. You also have to be in a good mental state. Feeling good about yourself is imperative. You cannot help others without helping yourself first, but if you are already on this step, then just practice saying thank you for everything, and you will realize how blessed you really are and you'll start developing the giving attitude. 
    • It really just comes down to being grateful and saying Thank you for everything. 
  • Faith
    • You've probably heard of 12 step programs, right? Have you ever noticed they all require faith (of whatever sort). You have to believe. If you are skeptical of literally everything, it will be very hard for you to grow and help others grow if you, yourself, have some doubts.
    • Faith can move mountains. I cannot stress this enough. You can do so much just by believing you can. 
    • One way that helped me strengthen my faith was when "miracles" started happening around me. I became aware of how manifestations work and the power of metaphysics and the mind by reading things outside my religion. 
    • Almost every religion has some sort of "magic" lore. Reading about other religions and faiths has strengthened my own faith as I realize that faith is not about religion, or god, or any of that... it's about believing. Just believing in miracles. Learning about the miracles other religions see will help you understand all religions and all faiths are actually surprisingly similar. 
  • Having Fun
    • having fun is absolutely important in keeping you on the right mindset. You have to stay engaged in what you're doing or you will lose interest and motivation. You have to KEEP yourself engaged in what you're doing. Especially during the bad days. 
    • Bad days are the ones you have to keep special attention to, and turn bad situations into fun ones. 
      • one example is the old knife job I had. I was running my own office, and one weekend one of the sewer lines in the building had broken so the entire building smelled of it. It broke on the same day of day one training for that week. When I arrived at my office that Friday for Day 1 training, I had assistants ready to quit because of the smell. It was bad. I had to get my team in the right mindset, and then get the new training class into the right mindset too. The entire training (it's two days long) I kept cracking jokes and talking about overcoming adversity and how that was going to be our best week ever. It worked. it wasn't our best week ever, but it was the best week of the campaign. Laughter led us that week. 
    • Competition is also a good way to make activities more fun. 
      • If you run a team, creating weekly competitions is a super easy way to boost everyone's sales. Just make sure you keep your focus on the ones who need the help. 
        • Sometimes it's easy to get caught up on congratulating your killers because that feels better than coaching your late bloomers. 
          • No one sucks at sales, everyone can eventually learn the skill. They are just late bloomers, not shitty salespeople. 
    • Pledge name
      • You have to absolutely make every situation fun. That's how I got my pledge name in the fraternity. 
        • When I joined Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity in college, I was the first of my pledge class to get my name. They had it ready when it came time for the naming ceremony: DeafTone. My pledge class started with seven of us, and the first time we were invited over to the fraternity house I knew they were going to "mess" with us, so I got my pledge brothers together and told them we should "mess" with them back. The fraternity asked us to clean the house and we fought back by singing off-key as loudly as we could. They wanted unison, so we sang terribly and loudly in unison while we cleaned the house. They had the name on the very first day... Tone Deaf
        • Here's a video of a popular mexican show of what I was aiming at sounding like. 
        • that's funny right?
        • And here is the actual song we were singing 
        • listen to the whole song
        • After that, 
        • I was nominated pledge class president and was one of two associate members that completed the process and joined. It's not that the process is hard or bad or ugly or anything like that, it's just that I had the mentality of making every situation fun, and I did. It was a super fun semester, all I did was rake leaves for the fraternity and pass out flyers on campus selling hot dogs. 
    • Fast forward to today and me making rap music. 
      • I started putting music out for fun because I always wanted to do it. I'm making terrible music right now because I'm still in the learning stages of it all, I haven't really mastered any aspects of the music part besides writing a little, and performing, I got performing down, I'm a beast on stage. but the recording and mixing part of it is completely foreign to me so all my stuff sounds terrible right now, and that's ok because to me, the most important part is having fun. 
      • I'm having fun because I have the mentality that I'm living my dream. All my life I wanted to be a rapper and make music, and now I am. I'm just focused on enjoying the process of it and enjoying the fact that I get to do it. It's fun just making a song, I don't care how many likes it gets. 

I hope these help you out, if you have questions or comments, men, please reach out to me, you can join my newsletter for marketing tips, exclusive deals, and music promotions by clicking this link.  


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Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers
Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers

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