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By SA_Sam1971 | samantha_smith | 25 Jul 2021



So I've been on a few blogging platforms for the past 2 months: and publishoX for the better part of 2 months, proofofbrain for 1.5 months, and my writing flow is improving, and the quality of my submissions too, in my personal opinion, and as evidenced by improved engagement from the communities within which I write.

I am writing more regularly now; it's addictive. I am enjoying the research and creative outlet for my varied posts that include researched areas of interest, writing from personal experience, poetry, short stories and engaging with other writers/authors on the platform. Always trying to remain true to myself and my passions, and engaging with others on my own posts/articles and on theirs so that I can learn and grow from the experience and help others to improve by bouncing off my enthusiasm and support and encouragement.

So how on earth did I get into blogging? Well, I started writing a book last year during Covid lockdown. It's a fictionalised version of a true story; so a story based loosely on facts but changed somewhat to create composite characters and to add in fictional sub plots for greater depth and good effect. The essence of the main characters has been kept fairly true as I can relate to them from personal experience, although I have fictionalised aspects of their life to fit the storyline. I guess you could say at the end of the day that 2 people and a tragedy inspired my novel. So still not explaining how I got into blogging then lol...just wait a moment...all will be revealed.

I was well into the first few chapters and writing every evening, sometimes for hours on end, when I started having issues with both of my shoulders...diagnosed variously as rotator cuff tendonitis, stiff rotator cuff, inflamed capsular joint and so on. X-rays, ultra-sounds, dexascans later and I was put under the care of a physio. Essentially the condition left me with very painful shoulders and upper arms and severe restriction of movement. On top of this I was also diagnosed with osteoporosis so this started to restrict other forms of exercise that I was allowed to do.

Given that I work all day on a laptop for my day job, I was forced to take a break from writing in the evenings to allow my body some healing time. I have also been under the guidance of a physiotherapist for the better part of a year. It's been pretty horrid, especially having 2 young boys who were used to having a very involved active mom who played cricket and football with them and tossed NFL balls around the backyard.

Finally with a lot of effort, using resistance bands and doing all manner of instructed stretching exercises for short periods of each day but over many many months, my left shoulder is practically back to best. My right shoulder has only just started to show signs of improvement these past 6 weeks with a few new exercises that my physio put me onto as the others were not helping the right side.

So as my left shoulder had improved significantly, and I have been able to start doing a lot more with my kids :-) , I decided it was time to get back to my passion of writing too! I joined a couple of blogging platforms and have tried to write regularly and across a few genres. I read a lot too! I am thoroughly enjoying engaging with fellow authors/curators on these platforms. I figured that if I got into blogging and writing articles, short creative works to share with a likeminded community, that the flow of my writing would start to improve (getting rid of that horrid writer's block!) and I would be able to enjoy pursuing one of my passions again without the pressure or frustrations of having to finish my book just yet, but that it would be a stepping stone to getting back to my novel.

So this blogging started as a means to an end to get me back into the swing of writing so that I could finish my book. However, it has quickly become an end in itself. That is not to say that I won't be going back to my book project at some point (when the right inspiration hits me to continue), but I am enjoying blogging and writing regularly and loving the engagement with the community so much that I have found another creative outlet and home in, publishoX and proofofbrain. I see myself now as a blogger/author of articles and creative works and will one day finish my book alongside my blogging journey. Both are definitely here to stay!

I was reading an article earlier today on by @Emily2U about her writing journey and her joy and excitement really does shine through. I think this is such an important thing for passions that we choose to pursue in life: you have to enjoy what you are doing, or you might as well not bother at all. With writing, passion for one's subject matter is what shines through and it is clear to the reader when a writer is just churning out content to meet requirements rather than being actively and passionately engaged in the art of writing, often from personal experience.

Blogging has therefore made a very favourable impact in my life, and in the quality, flow and enjoyment of my writing. It is the act of writing regularly and the positive engagement that I experience from the blogging/writing community that impacts me greatest, and I hope through writing and curating and supporting my fellow bloggers/authors that I can be a positive part of these writing communities, and be part of the impact as well as the impacted :-)

To this end, I am going to try to activate the "sponsorship" table in this post as I have been offered some support in this area. I am also starting to get some improved rewards from "Rusty" the bot so hopefully I am doing something right in improving my writing. Sorry I called you "Randy" in an earlier comment on somebody else's post, "Rusty". I don't know what I was thinking! lols.

As with all things in life, I plan to pay this forward in due course. This is what community is all about.


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