Riviera Maya Sea Weed Problem

By Samakauama | Samakauama | 20 May 2019

By this point in time we all know that the world we live in needs help, it has many ways to show it to us and we look the other way.

Many people are focusing on plastic which is FANTASTIC!!! let´s get it out of out oceans, others are focusing on climate change and global warming which is AMAZING!!! there are so many problems and one I know nobody wants to touch (literaly) is the Human feces.

The Human feces is draining out of major countries, a lot of this is seen in South America, Mexico and not to be mean but Florida. Not only does this type of polution contaminate our oceans and fish but make areas of the ocean uninhabitable because of the amount of contaminents.

But one mans trash is anothers... nutrient in this case.

Because of the sea curents a lot of these ¨nutrients¨ end up in the gulf of Mexico and create an environment that mackes Sea Weed Thrive like never before. 

There are piles and piles up and down the coast because it is developing at such a rate not even the big hotels can controll it.

Plus,  once you have it what do you do with it. In Japan (One of the biggest producers in salt) I bet they would be smart enough to make salt and then some kind of composte with the rest, not sure.

I´m exited to see how this problem is delt with because I see hope, the world is crying to us. Don´t worry world the millenials hear you. 


Have a great day!

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