Girlfriends hate crypto... until it goes up!

By Samakauama | Samakauama | 19 May 2019

Hey for all my crypto dudes out there, ever notice your girlfriend just knodding along to your crypto news?

Imagine it as a white noise machine until the market goes up and once they hear that pitch in their mans voice, then they start paying attention. 

I dont say it to be mean I know we got all these crypto hunnies here to, i´m just saying; put in the work if you want the reward.  

All those faithful partners are they with you because of your potential digital wallet? or true love? once your coin of choice moons I guess you will find out... 

Mean while enjoy your time with your loved ones, the important thing is that they do love you whether or not they know your digital asset holdings or not. Dont let paranoia set in and i say by experience you should choose in advance how much of your holdings you wanna share with partner, family and friends. Be ware the crypto barbie is looking over your shoulder...

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I´m very easy going and i think I have a unique, dark and funny sense of humor...


Its a different look at Crypto and Blockchain technology in real life situations it can be serious, humorous or just plain exiting.

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