Crypto Clues

By Samakauama | Samakauama | 20 May 2019

Bearable guy is a tweeter handle of someonw who makes predictions on Crypto News focusing on XRP.

He does this by making cartoons or drawings with clues about crypto predictions, and has been right way to much to not be an inside man.

On this one he put a bear in a syn breaking through a wall with a crouwn on its head with 3 moons on diferent faces including the full moon and a saying once in a blue moon...

The drawing also contained clues to solve tha get uto a URL and many tried and only a clopule people could only figure it out... it takes you to a spotted owel.... another layer to the clue. 

After that the screen changes and you get a red mask with blue eyes openand a Morse Code that come out to say A RARE APEARENCE OF THE KING tht takes you to 9TH High-Level Conference on the International Monetary System... which Brad Garlinghouse atended. 

Another clue from a URL you have to find brings you to a cartoon of CKJ rasing a bar for a pole jumper with many clues i could desifer yet... time will tell. 

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I´m very easy going and i think I have a unique, dark and funny sense of humor...


Its a different look at Crypto and Blockchain technology in real life situations it can be serious, humorous or just plain exiting.

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