When Binance? With MXC it’s Only a Matter of Time…

When Binance? With MXC it’s Only a Matter of Time…

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 11 Apr 2019

The Berlin-based MXC foundation has progressed impressively ever since its inception and ICO. In approximately six months, MXC has managed to get listed in some of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Huobi and Bibox for free!

Just earlier today, MXC announced via an official statement, users will now be able to trade the MXC token directly with fiat on South Korean exchange, ChainX. This move now opens up MXC into the notoriously passionate South Korean crypto enthusiast, allowing for increased MXC adoption.

The achievement so far realized by MXC can be attributed to their innovative products and services that are set to spearhead the realization of smart cities. Its current success and plans are an indication of possible future success. It won’t come as a surprise if more cryptocurrency exchanges list MXC for free!


MXC’s Enormous Potential

Still, in its infancy, MXC has already accomplished a lot, and yet, there is still much room for them to improve on their products and innovation.

Their enormous potential is among several reasons why an increasing number of cryptocurrency exchanges would be very interested in listing the MXC token.

MXC’s great potential lies in the Smart Cities initiative that they are currently piloting in various cities around the world. The concept of smart cities has existed in multiple strategic plans of countries around the world. These plans contain rough and sometimes intricate ideas of how the cities should run; however, devices that can power these cities have been elusive, until now. MXC has the potential to make smart cities a reality in the world.

Places such as New York and Shanghai have been ear-marked with only the implementation process remaining. The success of the Smart Cities could place MXC on the world map leading to further increased demands for its services.

Most recently MXC announced a new partnership with JD.com- the world’s third largest internet company measured by revenue. As part of this agreement, MXC will be responsible for enhancing JD’s logistics and live product tracking with LPWAN and blockchain technologies.


What MXC’s Potential means to Exchanges

Currently, the value of MXC can even be considered ‘undervalued’ when you compare it to the potential it has with the services that it offers. For holders, this may be the perfect time to stock up on MXC tokens, however, for exchanges, this period may not be as exciting due to the low trading volumes that may be recorded daily. Nevertheless, MXC’s potential can quickly change the fortune of any exchange it is listed in once its potential is fully realized.

Exchanges are in the business of profit. The most common way through which exchanges realize profits is through the charges pegged on trading tokens on their platforms. The more trading takes place; the more exchanges stand to benefit. MXC can grow to an active token suitable for any exchange.

Now, the smart cities initiative is such a promising project. Any professional investor can see the true value of MXC tokens as a result of the service it plans to offer. The pull the MXC foundation will have towards investors is likely to see its trading activity increase shortly, especially with the current low valuation on most of the exchanges. The increase in demand will see MXC’s token value rise gradually which may translate to more revenue for exchanges hosting the token. The rise in value may happen even before the smart cities project is fully realized.

For exchanges, the rise in demand will not only increase revenue in their platforms, but it is also likely to give exchanges an added advantage in the crowded cryptocurrency exchange market. Every exchange wants to stand out to attract more participants. The MXC tokens may be just what they are missing to get their targeted numbers.


Possible Listings


Binance is arguably the most sought-after cryptocurrency exchange platform on the market. It has the highest trading volume in the market.

Platforms such as Binance may seek to cement their dominant position by bolstering their token line-up with potentially successful coins such as MXC. With the recent launch of their Launchpad program, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if MXC is made part of the program. MXC possibly qualifies the transformative test as its smart cities project will likely transform cities.

MXC could be a great addition to Binance’s portfolio. A free listing of MXC’s token may even be on the horizon.


Bittrex is another top player in the cryptocurrency exchange market scene. It competes with the likes of Binance and Coinbase hence it always needs to be consistently innovative to keep up and possibly surpass them.

Bittrex may look to MXC to provide it with the extra trading volume it needs to become the dominant force in the exchange market. Already doing well with its current line-up, moving away from its comfort zone will help Bittrex grow immensely.

A future where the MXC token is listed for free on the Bittrex platform is highly likely. The competition at the top of the cryptocurrency exchange market is stiff, and any shot at dominance would quickly be taken up by the top players. Bittrex is likely to consider MXC as it holds enormous potential that may help it lead the cryptocurrency exchange market.

MXC may also be listed in Bittrex for free.


Arguably the best for beginners, Coinbase remains respected among its competitors. However, respect alone does not keep you at the top.

With the possible awareness that may be created by the smart cities initiative, it is likely that more people may be interested in the MXC foundation and its products which also includes the MXC tokens. The nature of its services may also prompt people to support their initiatives. Being that Coinbase is primarily known as the best platform for beginner traders, it may be profitable for them to list MXC tokens on their platform.

Its safety, security, and popularity among newbie traders may give it an edge over its other competitors at the top of the cryptocurrency exchange market. MXC may also enjoy a free listing here.


There are some players in the cryptocurrency exchange which may opt to list the MXC token. These exchanges may be a stretch, but they are likely to benefit from listing MXC. They include Changelly and Kraken. Both are modestly popular in the crypto universe and listing MXC would improve their influence and awareness in the cryptocurrency exchange markets.

More on the MXC network can be accessed via their website or via their Telegram.

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