New Blockchain Officially Enters Top 10 Block’tivity Transactions

New Blockchain Officially Enters Top 10 Block’tivity Transactions

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 15 Apr 2019

There was a entrant into the blockchain benchmark website- Block’tivity’s, busiest blockchains.


INSTAR (INSTAR) blockchain was recently ranked 9th in Blocktivity’s activity index. They ranked ahead of some of the giants in the industry such as:

  • Dash (DASH)
  • Waves (WAVES)
  • Nano (NANO)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Lisk (LSK)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Surpassing industry leaders and experienced coins in the process is a true testament of the innovation that lies in the DNA of the Insights Network, and is a reward to the continuous work and development the team and community have applied into their brand, services, and products.


INSTAR ranks among the best

The INSTAR blockchain cemented its place among the top performers in the blockchain space through this recent Block’tivity listing- which is among the highest respected websites in regards to tracking daily blockchain operations.

To be listed on Blocktivity’s blockchain operation list, much input has to be made by Block’tivity itself- meaning that the platform has to be identified as a potential industry leader. This is why Block’tivity has integrated its blockchain tracker API into their system showing confidence in the INSTAR blockchain.

Many of the projects that INSTAR was listed ahead are massively prominent and well-known projects with high expectations and large communities. Considering the heavyweight’s INSTAR was listed above such as DASH is a clear indicator of the acceptance the market has taken towards INSTAR.

The INSTAR team is excited to have been listed on such a prestigious platform. The listing will likely encourage them to perform even better in the data exchange space.

  1*cLQnaS5Lap7zQNwJ5w43kg.jpeg INSTAR places above some of the most well-known cryptocurrency projects in the industry | Source  

What is Block’tivity?

Block’tivity is an industry leader when measuring blockchain metrics and activity due to its long-standing principle on measuring the value of digital assets. One of the ways value can be measured through the market cap of a digital token, while the other way, which Block’tivity derives its list is through activity tracking.

Integration of their API into a blockchain enables Block’tivity to track the activity of the platform. Blocktivity’s API tracks the number of users active within a blockchain platform daily. The results are then compiled based on the requirements of their platform. Market cap is also employed to come up with an index that shows the most active and market-performing digital asset.

Block’tivity tracks only the most promising and performing digital assets, which includes INSTAR.


Consolidating Success

For INSTAR to rank highly in a platform such as Blocktivity’s, its performance, product, and services have to be top notch.

Insights Network took something that seemed normal in the centralized space and created a unique and increasingly adopted platform. Data exchange through surveys has been done for a long time similarly until the likes of Insights Network stepped into the survey market space and made it their own.

After studying the needs of the market, Insights Network created a set up that allows for accurate data collection that ensures all participating parties in the surveys receive the expected level of service.

The concept was kept simple and easy for anyone with basic knowledge to understand.

Insights Network’s basic idea is to reward data providers within their platform with INSTAR tokens that they can then trade in various exchanges or use within their platform to make purchases, initiate surveys among other uses.

From its current ranking, the concept and implementation used seem to be working quite well for Insights Network, according to Block’tivity.

Further, into its operation, Insights Network launched INSTAR wallet; a service meant for data providers as Insights Network concentrated more on the data requestors. INSTAR wallet was positively received by users around the globe.

Insights Network remained dedicated to serving data requestors by providing them with an intuitive dashboard where they could launch their campaigns and be assured of verifiable results via the platform.



In as much as surveys and polls are Insights Network’s primary offering, for the platform to command respectable traffic, Insights Network required services that would attract users even beyond their target market.

The Insights Network, at the time of writing, has over 200,000 users that have signed up for their platform. Commanding an active following of over 200,000 users is quite a feat in the blockchain space putting the Insights Network at the top of the data exchange-based services in the world.


Bright Future Ahead

Insights Network has proved its worth over the time it has been in operation. It’s ranking on Block’tivity above some of the industry heavyweights is proof of the great work Insights Network has been doing behind the scenes.

Their selections of products and services have also helped increase its activity in the cryptocurrency trading scene. The release of INSTAR wallet helped to increase the number of users on the entire Insights Network platform thereby providing a rich pool through which data requestors could obtain specific, accurate data.

The top 10 ranking INSTAR received was through innovation, dedication and smart workings of the Insights Network team and more great work is to be expected from this project.

For further information on the Insights Network, please use the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium| Reddit

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