Review: Is This The Way Our Data Should Be Handled? Review: Is This The Way Our Data Should Be Handled?

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 11 Nov 2019

Let’s face it, we likely won't know how our data is handled, and we mostly don’t like what we hear about the safety of our data. This review of the blockchain-based data-exchange platform will shed further light on the issue.

Data is arguably the most essential tool for development. Deloitte refers to data as ‘the new gold,’ a title it took from oil which spurred growth in the 20th century.

The 21st century is all about digital innovation, which is reshaping the daily operations and functions of businesses and industries globally.

Given the importance of data, its handling must be transformed to meet the dynamic demands of the world.

Data handling must be done in a transparent, ethical, and non-intrusive manner. When done right, data handling will feel more like a voluntary exercise rather than a crafty practice written in the fine print.

Effective And Transparent Operations is daily working to maintain a platform that respects user data and allows data producers to profit from their data.

Its entrance into the data industry is crucial as it adds another important perspective on how user data should be handled. Their approach is to keep things simple and transparent throughout; this increases the confidence of their users in their platform.’s simplicity starts right from registration. The process is made simple for everyone to join the platform. Once registered, one can start enjoying the benefits of professional data handling and a host of other significant advantages.

Earning Cryptocurrency

The need for big data has created a vibrant industry which supplies data consumers with vast chunks of raw data. Data suppliers are mostly middlemen who profit from the data of internet users. The ideal would be users to benefit from the data they produce. is making this possible through their platform.

By merely joining, users stand a chance of earning some tokens.

There are also token rewards for submitting data by participating in surveys hosted by the platform. Each survey rewards participants differently depending on the type of data the survey required.

Aside from handling data professionally and profitably through this feature, also rewards its users for informing others of their services.

The referral program rewards each season differently with participants getting INSTAR tokens, among other prizes.

351665157-86581865b5a7767b68509a4a8826fb1e07640f97094e777a039e0e9bab91eb37.png also acts as an entry point for traders who may want to join the cryptocurrency industry as the INSTAR tokens can be traded on leading exchanges such as Binance and Huobi.

Further on trading, frequently updates the prices of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. The display is conveniently placed on the dashboard for great user experience.

Instar Wallet

Wallets hold crucial information on your trading lifestyle. Having a secure wallet is essential especially with the recurring data breaches in various exchanges. offers a wallet service that is suitable for all types of traders.

The wallet service can be accessed by simply registering for the platform and verifying your identity.

Apart from security, verification is also crucial to prevent any illegal activities from taking place via the platform.

Exceeding Expectations gives extra value to its users. Handling data professionally and ethically is their core business; however, offers a service that educates users.

351665157-e5c605758445e639b51fcd2c360da58b8fec88827bb9419a9bdc1b8a8f303494.png features a “Learn” service which teaches their users on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Through the information they provide, users can be empowered to utilize the tokens they earn, among other useful tips concerning the decentralized industry.

Learning is done via viewing videos that explain the concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The videos also explain how the platform functions and how to get the best out of it.

Furthermore, each video completion rewards a user with INSTAR tokens.

Another exciting feature in the platform is creating your survey. Users can not only submit data; they can also obtain data from other users within the platform.

Further Data Protection And Accessibility

Getting some of the necessary devices to keep your data safe may be tiring and expensive. features several deals which its users will likely appreciate. The deals include VPNs and Ledgers, which can be purchased using INSTAR tokens. can be accessed via any popular internet browser. can also be accessed from their android application, which is hosted on the Google Play Store. To improve accessibility, the platform should consider having its application on the Apple App Store as well.


On their website, states their mission “… to create a trustless, decentralized market research network for the masses.” Their platform is daily trying to embody the words of their mission with the practical improvements made often. is an example of how blockchain should be implemented to bring about necessary changes and transform industries.

To make a global impact, must take its platform far and wide to promote blockchain adoption and subsequent adoption of its platform.

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Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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