Getting Started with How to Create Surveys

Getting Started with How to Create Surveys

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 11 Dec 2019

Instars have a tailor-made feature for those looking to collect primary data from KYC-verified users.

The platform guides data seekers through a simple step-by-step process that results in the creation of a survey. Instars have a basic survey outline which data seekers can modify to meet their demands.

Instars assure its data seekers that the methods used are ethical, respecting the privacy of their users.

Here’s how surveys are created on Instars:

Step 1

After registering and logging into your Instars account, click on the ‘Create Survey’ option on the top right corner of the dashboard.

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Step 2

This will find you at the requester’s dashboard. Select the ‘Create Activity’ option to start creating your survey.

Step 3

Using the set-up, fill in the spaces as desired, selecting options that best suit your survey.

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The survey set-up allows users to determine who will see their surveys based on age group, location, and gender.

Surveyors can also decide to survey a panel they have selected, which limits access to the survey to a select group of users indicated by the surveyor.

Data seekers must ensure that they have enough INSTAR to compensate for their target audience. The surveyor is required to attach rewards either on each question or on the entire survey.

The platform also gives the surveyor a preview of how the survey will appear on different devices, for example, on Android devices versus on web browsers.

Targeted ads can also be created on the platform.

In just three simple steps, data seekers can create surveys appropriate for any data they are seeking through the Instars platform.

For further information on how to create surveys as well as earn free cryptocurrency daily, please use the following links:

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