Get Ready — Huobi Prime + Reserve’s RSR is coming May 22!

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 16 May 2019

The mass adoption of blockchain will be the success of the revolutionary technology of the 21st century. Blockchain’s user base is growing by the day as more d’Apps and platforms introduce real-world solutions.

Huobi’s platform is providing enough innovation and freshness to encourage as many people as possible to use their systems. Their innovations are in line with the latest demands in terms of user experience.

The innovations and partnerships undertaken at Huobi provide a clear goal and the future in mind. The recent release of Huobi Prime has seen Huobi support upcoming promising blockchain projects. The projects are listed in Huobi Prime where Huobi traders get access to an initial purchase of their tokens.

Introducing Reserve

Huobi is not slowing down. Their initial plan was to have a listing every week of a new upcoming blockchain project. However, because of the rigorous vetting which the Huobi Prime team carries out, sticking to the plan may not be feasible.

So far, two projects have been listed successfully on Huobi Prime and more are on their way.

The latest addition to Huobi Prime is Reserve. Huobi Prime will be partnering with Reserve as their third official listing. The Reserve Rights Token (RSR) will be the token listed on Huobi Prime. Reserve also has a stablecoin known as Reserve token or RSV.

Premium Projects

When selecting the tokens to be listed, Huobi only works with the most promising blockchain companies.

Reserve has arguably one of the most innovative ideas to run on blockchain. The two tokens are not just for show; each of them has a purpose. The RSR is specifically meant to maintain the value of the stable coin, RSV.

Reserve has similarities to PayPal which is essential in its growth plan. Attracting the more significant majority requires blockchain to have projects such as Reserve which provide day to day services that the majority use. Having application on blockchain that can efficiently execute services performed by centralized application but in a more secure environment is likely to encourage the migration of users from centralized to decentralized platforms.

The listing of the RSV token on Huobi Prime will help extend RSV’s global presence as Huobi has traders from around the globe.

Why Reserve?

Transformative and innovative projects. These are the projects that the world needs. The future can only be successful with the likes of projects such as Reserve.

Reserve plans to serve the world as a platform that has the potential to shape up economies. Its operations include a stablecoin which is vital in mitigating inflation related disasters by maintaining a store of value. It plans to be a banking solution especially in countries where such infrastructure is not yet fully developed.

Reserve plans to have its platform in operation globally. Sending money across borders with low transaction costs, the security of every transaction made, protection of funds and quick to use payment services are all going to be offered by Reserve. 

With the growing population and the extent of digitization, platforms like Reserve have the potential to change the world for the better.

Reserve also has an innovative team with vast experiences in the blockchain field. Reserve also has influential partners such as Google, Venmo, and IBM.

Its innovative idea, experienced team and working plan are a clear indication of the selection standards at Huobi Prime.

Huobi Prime

Huobi Prime was launched for projects such as Reserve.

Huobi global users will find Huobi Prime quite convenient especially when obtaining exclusive tokens.

The following are some of the advantages Huobi users gain from utilizing Huobi Prime:

  1. No discrimination. On Huobi Prime, anyone can purchase exclusive tokens. The threshold set is usually low enough for every active trader to meet. Once the trading threshold has been reached, a user will have the right to purchase tokens exclusively released on Huobi Prime.
  2. Low token Prices. The exclusive releases on Huobi Prime will be priced lower than actual market prices for the same tokens. Huobi users will have the privilege of acquiring valuable assets at a fraction of the price.
  3. All the tokens purchased via Huobi Prime are directly deposited on a user’s account. These tokens can then be traded against Huobi Token (HT).

With such lucrative offers, extreme volatility may be experienced when the market opens. To prevent extreme volatility, price limits are always set when launches are being done.

The last two launches on Huobi Prime saw the individual tokens sell out and their prices increase significantly after the exclusive trading ended.

Following the trend set by the first two launches, RSR is likely to follow suit.

The launch of the RSR is set for May 22. The release will be exclusive to Huobi Prime. Follow Huobi and Reserve to participate on May 22.

If you would like to know more about the Huobi or get involved with the sale, please do so by following this link.

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