Earn Free EOS Tokens: The Best Options

Earn Free EOS Tokens: The Best Options

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 9 Jan 2020

EOS is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects in the industry, currently ranked 7th by market cap. With a strong and passionate community, many users are always keen to add EOS tokens to their holdings. As such this article will focus on the Instars platform, which allows users to earn free EOS tokens easily.

Receipt Captures

Instars is making earning free cryptocurrency even easier by its latest feature. Receipt Capture was introduced during the second half of 2019 to increase the methods of earning cryptocurrency on the platform.

So far, the feature has received stellar reviews!

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How it works

Receipt Capture rewards Instars users for uploading receipts on purchases made within 24hrs before uploading the receipt. The upload is checked by the Instars team. Once verified, the users' Instar Wallet is credited with the stated EOS reward.

Currently, the platform allows receipts from different stores containing food categories listed on the platform. More categories will soon be added to cater to the growing demand for the service.

There are certain limits when using the feature to receive free EOS. As aforementioned, the purchase must be made not more than 24hrs before uploading the receipt. The receipt must feature identifiers than can be used for verification. Factors such as date and time of purchase and other unique identifiers are a prerequisite for receipts to be verified.

Rewards are also limited. The platform allows only three receipt uploads per day per user.

Receipt Capture can be thought of as a form of money-back guarantee given that users of the platform receive some value back from the purchases they made but in the form of EOS.


Another great option for earning free EOS tokens is completing surveys on the platform. This is the flagship method of earning free cryptocurrency on Instars.

How it works

Instars allow data collectors to use their platform as a primary and secondary data collection site.

Collectors can create surveys that are then filled out voluntarily be registered, KYC-approved Instars users. The surveys act as data collection templates.

EOS rewards are attached to each survey a user takes part in. Depending on the parameters of the survey, a user may be rewarded based on the completion of the survey.

The platform assures the privacy of the data submitted as per the request of the user. Data submission and sharing are done voluntarily.

Referral Program

The Referral program is not unique to the platform; however, it serves as another simple method through which one can earn free EOS.

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How it works

Registered Instars users request their contacts to join the platform.

The EOS reward is only given once the requested contact joins the platform.

The referral program serves the purpose of both rewarding and growing the platform. A growing platform is great for the cryptocurrency trading within the platform.

Why Instars is the Best Platform to Earn Free EOS Tokens

There are several methods of earning EOS that is being implemented by other platforms. However, Instars offers the best value for free EOS by far.

Firstly, the Instar Wallet feature on the platform gives users a secure place to store their earned cryptocurrency. Other platforms may offer similar reward services; however, the wallet detail requirements may deter potential EOS earners. There is also the concern of security, which may not be guaranteed on these platforms.

Secondly, apart from EOS rewards, Instars users can also opt to get their rewards in INSTAR tokens. This may help diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio.

Finally, the platform has a lot of interesting features that are helpful to EOS traders. Instars feature a learning lab that has a course on cryptocurrencies, thus allowing new users to understand the ecosystem. The platform also highlights trading prices for EOS on the dashboard. Traders can always access the platform to know the price of the cryptocurrency.

It must also be mentioned that Instars offers the simplest methods of earning free EOS.

Instars offer more than just earning free EOS; it offers its users the chance to get the best out of the cryptocurrency experience. EOS traders will likely appreciate the setup of the platform.

For further information on Instars, please use the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium| Reddit

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Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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