AAX is Creating the Future of Trading through Traditional and Decentralized Market Integration

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 24 Mar 2020


AAX is working to become a leading brand in the global financial markets. The platform is configuring its services to match the demands of both the cryptocurrency and traditional markets.

According to its roadmap, the platform is set to release its cryptocurrency during this quarter. The new cryptocurrency, AAB, will be the main trading currency within the AAX ecosystem. Further, it will open up new revenue streams for their users based on the discount and reward set up by AAX.

AAX is not the only digital exchange platform in the decentralized industry; however, its planned developments and platform set up makes it unique in a sea of similarities.

Getting The Basics Right

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Success beyond the cryptocurrency market requires platforms to get all their basics right. Attracting new users to the decentralized market necessitates convincing in the form of seamless service provision and assurances in vital aspects of digital asset trading.

Firstly, the platform delivers versatility. Various trading options are offered by the exchange service provider; these include OTC, futures and spot trading so users can easily navigate these options through the seamless system developed.

Secondly, AAX secured their system robustly. When it comes to online trading, security cannot be overemphasized. The platform took strategic measures to ensure the safety of its users’ investments and data.

Through its secure system, AAX can build a trusted platform with the highest operational integrity in the market. Its platform ensures the following standards are met:

  • Full AML/KYC compliance
  • Genuine price discovery of all tokens hosted in the platform
  • Full trading transparency
  • A robust regulatory system to guard against potentially toxic tokens

On accessibility, AAX can be accessed via popular browsers, an android application and an iOS application as well. This makes it accessible to over 3 billion people globally who have access to these devices.

The smartphone application also means that the platform is accessible on the go, from anywhere in the world as long as the location supports access to AAX.

Industrial Grade Architecture

AAX rises above the most trading platform with its institutional-grade systems.

To build an institutional-grade platform, AAX acquired the best personnel they could find. The platform is run by a talented team drawn from leading finance, technology and internet companies. Their talent is evident in the platform that is AAX.

With a talented team, the AAX platform was built differently to stand out. The team enabled the platform to have outstanding features that are crucial in the exchange market. These include:

  • Trading features with up to 100x leverage
  • Over 50 trading pairs to match increasing market needs with plans to add even more as the platform expands
  • Integrated tutorial texts to make it easier for users to navigate trading on the AAX platform.
  • A platform powered by the Millennium exchange trading platform which has high performance, low latency (as low as 90 microseconds) with the ability to handle high capacity trading such as institutional trading volumes.
  • Multilayered security to meet industrial volume demands including 2FA protection, multi-signature, multi-coin security wallet and hardware security module.
  • Other features include cold storage facilities for digital assets, data back up in secure locations and insured crypto custody.

With such features, AAX is equipped to serve the growing decentralized exchange market adequately.

London Stock Exchange Partner Platform

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Among the notable milestones achieved by the platform, joining the London Stock Exchange Group Partner Platform is arguably the most remarkable. It is the first cryptocurrency exchange to join the partner platform.

Joining the platform allows AAX to expand its services to other global markets in Europe, Asia and North America. Further, given the status of the LSEG, joining the group increases the trust and credibility of AAX.

A Maturing and Expanding Market

Based on recent events brought about by COVID-19, economies will rebuild with new strategies in place. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will likely prove essential in the rebuilding process.

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AAX had put in place plans that would see the platform integrate crypto markets with existing traditional markets. This included the creation of unique indices and enabling investors to trade cryptocurrencies against conventional commodities. For example, investors may soon trade Bitcoin against oil or gold if AAX’s plans are executed effectively.

Enabling such trading would create new opportunities globally. More trading opportunities will arise from different parts of the world which would help boost economies. This would also open up trading in third-world countries. For example, farmers may opt to trade commodities such as Coffee and Tea in the decentralized market.

By creating other wealth preservation assets, economies will be better prepared to handle more crises in the future. Stock market bloodbaths such as those recently seen will be significantly reduced if such measures are successful.

A crucial advantage of integrating the crypto markets with the traditional markets is the potential increase in the adoption of both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are technologies that can be vital for the global economy; however, the lower-than-expected adoption figures threaten the advantages these technologies can offer us. Adoption is central to the success of these projects. With platforms such as AAX developing in an adoption-centred manner, the future of the industry and the global markets seems very bright.

The Upcoming AAB Release

AAX plans on using the AAB as the primary currency for conducting business within its platform. All trading fees on AAX will be settled using the cryptocurrency.

Users will be discounted each time they use AAB on the AAX platform. The discounts include:

  • A baseline discount of 20% of all trading fees.
  • A portfolio discount where clients are awarded up to 50% of AAB for any percentage of their portfolio allocated to AAB.

The AAB will also be an essential tool in the optimized wealth management feature of the platform.

For more information on AAX and its features, please follow this link.


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