Bitcoin PUMP TO 12K OR DUMP TO 4K?!

By salahchiva | salahchiva | 28 May 2019


complete manipulation, the big green candle came from nowhere but they likely need to hit over $9k to get some profit or completely exhaust demand. Be glad once this tether manipulation is done with very hard to tell the real market right now. When it dumps it's gonna be hard, fomo'ers will be selling to cut losses etc but I think this will dump with a huge red candle, wish I knew when the dump is gonna happen.


We are more likely to hit $12,000 , rather fall to $4000. Btc is going to the moon! Do not miss out !

I think the last real reversal happened on 9/15/17. There has to be predetermined huge buy orders triggered for the real violent trampoline to happen



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my name salah i from algeria and i like crypto world 😇😇


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