bitcoin 10000 dollars soon !!!!

By salahchiva | salahchiva | 30 May 2019

The BTC may be out of its decline, we approach a graphic analysis bearish and bullish together! We see in detail each support, resistance, and possible figure during this famous dump or pump BITCOIN 


My analyzes are only my point of view of the market, do not take what I say as financial advice and in any case I will not be responsible for your decisions in relation to your positions on the cryptocurrency market. It's good to see my work as an additional technical indicator to those you already use on your own analyzes.



I take profit always before the resistance in 15 to 20% capital by level TP, at least I am quiet in the emotions and 75% of the capital without taking the head on the long term, necessarily winner ... returned in the BTC y ' has a very long time, no stress, returned now would make me a little flipper ... ts the world will take take profit dici attention



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my name salah i from algeria and i like crypto world 😇😇


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