Tezos NFT'S can now be traded on Opensea

Tezos NFT'S can now be traded on Opensea

By Sajjad570 | saj_ak | 12 Feb 2021

Opensea, the largest online NFT trading platform is going to integrate Tezos based NFT's. After Ethereum Tezos will be second blockchain to be added on the platform.

Opensea will use FA-2 standard for Tezos which is similar to Ethereum’s ERC-1155. FA2 supports a wide range of token types including fungible, non-fungible, non-transferable among others all in one interface. Currently NFT’s on the Tezos can be minted via OpenMinter and  Hicetnunc. A third option called Kalamint, will go live the 18th of this month. Kalamint will also work as a bridge to transfer NFT's from Ethereum blockchain to the Tezos platform. Currently the monster gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain for minting NFT's is also a huge problem. Minting on Ethereum platform currently costs 25$- 50$, while on Tezos it's less than 0.02$. This will also promote small creators to put forward their work without the worry of heavy gas fees.

Opensea commented:

We also find Tezos attractive because of its under-the-radar growth in developer activity. Tezos development teams are rapidly advancing Tezos with network upgrades every three months.

This upgrade cadence is possible because Tezos significantly lowers the coordination costs of executing network upgrades in a decentralized manner at scale



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