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Saipan Dolls, is the new solo project of Dave Navarro known from electronic project Downward Spiral Mantra, the main genre is a mix of Psychedelic Industrial Alternative Metal sounds with some Gothic as well as softer sounds as trip-hop or date only one album DOMINATION `2018` is available. Main Influences, OhGR, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, Death in Vegas.....

The main theme of Domination, is about the harsh reality that power and domination over one another and over our surroundings is the actual driving force in our lives and not just the basic survival instinct. This album includes Gothic Metal sounds such as the opening The Spinning Mirror or the Industrial alternative sounds of tracks such a Destroy the Idols or Aluminium Caramel. Also Metal/stoner as in the powerful Hydrogen and more EBM and electronic sound such as in Looking for Trouble, Down on you or Down your Spine, as well as more Psychedelic tracks such as Fibonacci`s Trip, Zoom or Voodoo Moodoo, makes this album an eclectic and varied collection of influences and sounds. 

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Downward Spiral Mantra
Downward Spiral Mantra

Electronic music producer Techno, Hard Trance, Progressive. Goa, Minimal, Ambient, Experimental


Showcase of my musical projects Downward Spiral Mantra and Saipan Dolls

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