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Why I Don't Use Brave Browser

By cryptne3d | Saikot's blog | 18 Jan 2022

ost of us know and use Brave Browser, a leading browser application, a pure example of a web3.0 application with monthly 50 million active users. Brave brings a new model of the web browser in the internet media. Users can now easily use the browser without seeing the ads and also can uniquely tip the creators, but I consider some reasons that cause me not to use the browser. 
1. Users will not see any types of ads and also at the end of the month, a user can automatically tip a content creator. But if I say, any content creator does not have any wallet to receive that? then how can he/she generate revenue from that particular viewer?  For instance: I frequently surf a specific website using the brave browser, but the content creator does not have any wallet to receive any kind of tip., then how can he/she generate basic revenue from me cause I don't see any ads from the site.

2. Brave Browser tip model is more comparative with tier 1 countries. I'm using Brave Browser for the last 6/7 months, till now I only got 0.063BAT(0.06 USD). Now how can tip my favorite content creator with this penny? If you are from tier 3rd country, I'm pretty sure you also do not gate proper tips funds to donate content creators.

3. Uphold has only supported wallet for funding and withdrawals, and Uphold only supports around 35 countries fully for depositing and withdrawing. It creates a barrier for viewers who wanna deposit funds, those who think about their favorite content creators. 

I do not doubt that Brave made an excellent model of web 3.0 but they should update their system to lunch it globally. Many content creators from all around the world have a basic plan for revenue-generating from the ads, and I think the Brave browser creates a large barrier between the users and creators.
The whole thing is only my point of view, I might be wrong but I followed many youtube channels and bloggers that run from my country, where ads revenue is low, now if I used the Brave browser it will not grateful to them.

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Saikot's blog

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