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By cryptne3d | Saikot's blog | 23 Mar 2022

Since there are many income opportunities in the DeFi project, many of us are working on these projects. But there are so many blockchains in the market, with their DEX, DAPPS - it is very complex to calculate all the information of these platforms. Suppose you stake a coin on a platform but do not know whether the platform is audited, the TVL, or how much its rate is compared to other DAPPs. Some DeFi tools make these tasks easier. Here are some tools:

DeFi Pulse is probably one of the top sites for keeping track of all kinds of projects in the DeFi space. Its home page has a simple overview of the entire DeFi world, with 100 billion total locked value (TVL) as of December 2021, sorted step by step.
In addition to the latest analysis and ranking of various DeFi protocols, DeFi Pulse is what the user can access. But in terms of limitations, only Ethereum based sites are preferred.

DappRadar is known worldwide as the dApp Store. Everything from DeFi, NFT, and crypto-based gaming applications is used for search, tracking, and research through the platform.
The platform's portfolio functionality helps a user manage all his wallets in one place. Giving a comprehensive overview of the industry's dApp space, the overall update of multichain dapps in the market is updated in 24 hours in DappRadar. I have personally used this platform a few times in the past. A few days ago, they also had an airdrop through which they brought their token to the market.
Currently, the number of games and DeFi segment users on this platform is increasing day by day.

DeFi Llama is a cryptocurrency tracking site based on the DeFi app, which provides all other information, including any DEX total locked value (TVL). We like this site because you can see category-based tracking simultaneously on this site. By 2021, 500+ crypto coins have been tracked on the site, sorted by TVL-based.
Mention: This site has a category of Airdrop. Here users will find platforms that have not released any of their tokens. And maybe many people know that most of the platforms have some of their old users as Airdrop.

DEFIYIELD allows users to manage digital assets for DeFi access.
 Enter your ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domain, or connect your crypto wallet directly to an ETH or BSC address - and you can start using the platform.
DEFIYIELD focuses on data investment decisions through a complete DeFi management toolset, including tracking your portfolio, transactions, and pools through a simple dashboard outlook.
The app's developers work on the app's maximum security, completing over 60 audits on various DeFi tools and identifying 500+ susceptibility for investors to see. Before any user invests in a particular platform, you can view the audit record of that platform, the record of hacking attack which sets this platform apart from all other tools.

For those working on various DeFi projects, these tools will help them for further investment.
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