How to turn a USB Pendrive into a crypto wallet

By cryptne3d | Saikot's blog | 30 Mar 2022

Many people who work in crypto have a hobby of having their own hardware wallet. Today I just tried to make a crypto hardware wallet from a Pendrive. Maybe many people know about this, but those who don't know can fill the hobby like me.

The tutorial is very simple; you can install a wallet on a PC and save its file on a pen drive storage.
I used the Coinomi Wallet application as my hardware wallet. I downloaded and opened the Windows version.


You need to save the storage files to your pen drive by clicking on Browse.


After installation, run the application. First, come two options; Create a new wallet and Restore the Wallet. I clicked Create a new wallet and saved the seed phase to create a new one. Then you have to select which coins you want to keep in the Wallet; open the Wallet by selecting the desired coins.
Now in front of us, the Wallet is open; now it's time to top up the Wallet.
(If you save the Wallet to a pen drive, insert the pen drive to a pc, and the Wallet will open)


It will not have any high security or a lot of safety, but it's a lot satisfying to have a hardware wallet. And many people do not like coinomi's Wallet; in this case, you can use Atomic Wallet. (Ubuntu needs to be installed to use Atomic Wallet).
Once your internet connection is gone, Wallet will show the portfolio offline. And back to the internet connection, the Wallet will be updated.

Note: You can do this only as a hobby, do not hold anything more than a hobby; there is a possibility of losing it.

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