How To Be a Crypto Millionire Starting With 100$

By cryptne3d | Saikot's blog | 6 May 2021

Yesterday, I was watching a youtube video from my favorite Youtuber's channel. The title was the same as this article. I saw the video again; I repeat the video to understand the summary properly. 


The compound is like a wonder of our world. If one keeps putting money on a store that compounds monthly or quarterly, then after years or certain age its comes with a marvelous return that no one can imagine.

We must probably hear of that one Chinese commander from winning a war, and the King asked him what he wants? The King will give him anything that he liked. The commander took a chase board and told the KIng that put a rice grain on the first chamber of the board, then double it into the next chamber and slowly double-compound it into the rest of its chambers. All the ministry was laughing; it's a tiny wish, the King could give him more he wants. But after calculating, the King saw the resultant amount of rice grains does not even have in his kingdom. This is the power of compounding. If we spend proper time and invest or gain require %, in the end, it will come with a considerable return.

Now come to the point, suppose, you have, or I (we both are গরিব) have 100$, now invest in it various trusted and secure crypto projects. Suppose we gain only 10% of our initial investment. Then we can assume 110$ in the very first month. Put 110$ again in next month (with or without additional money) now we could gain 121$. Now if you or I follow this method and I putting us on secure investment, after one year we could earn around 400$. Surprising? after a year of investing and patience, only 400$? But in the next year, you could earn over a thousand dollars, and in 3 or 4 years, you could cross the 10k$ mark. 

It's just a calculation if you add additional investment, then it will grow more rapidly. In reality, crypto traders even could earn 40/50% per month, and it's happening. I know many peoples who make a good amount of return from trading and investment. 

It is not just in crypto; peoples worldwide can invest stock market or real estate, or forex market. The world is full of opportunities, and we need to catch the right thing at the right time.


My point of view

All these are the summary of that youtube video. He is gaining many returns from crypto. But from my point of view, it will be hard for non-traders who do not know how to margin, feature trading, limits, and some basic things (like me😁). Earning 10% can be faces losses while you have over a thousand of money and you don't know where and how to trade. That one thing left is getting high APY returns from investing in stablecoins. Does it make sense? You have sufficient money, but you don't support it properly, while others just like becoming a millionaire.

What's your point of view about this topic? Getting high APY returns or go deep down to crypto trading? 

Try to give your own opinion in your style. Best comments will be honored by little bucks from this poor man.

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