Get notifications directly to your email address when a wallet makes transection

By cryptne3d | Saikot's blog | 14 May 2022

Get notifications directly to your email address when a wallet makes a transection: Whenever it sends any transection or gets funds, everything is releted in any wallet, and you'll get a notification into your email.

First of all, we need to create an Etherscan account. Go to and create an account.

It's an account overview over here. Before setting up all the things, you can see the email notification limit is 200, and the addresses watch list is 50. Because of this rule, you can't follow large smart contracts. But can follow strategic wallets to track their transactions.

Go to the watchlist; here, basically, you can add your addresses. Just click on add button. A pop up will come up

Now you can put your selected address and add a description. You can edit your preferences for getting notifications, and you can get both incoming and outgoing transactions or only incoming or only outgoing. You can also select ERC20 tokens to get information.

It might help you if your wallet is hacked and you want a notification every time the hacker makes any transaction.
Or you want to follow anyone's strategy to make a better portfolio.

The notification mail could take some time to reach your mail inbox.

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