Dual Currency Investment

By cryptne3d | Saikot's blog | 25 Mar 2022

Many platforms for volatility in the crypto market offer high risk and good income opportunities. One such high-risk investment is Dual Currency Investment. The method is only available in Binance and Bybit. When a user goes to the investment option, you can see this segment in the exchanger. I show the option of BYBIT as an example.



As soon as you go to this option, you will see that APY returns like 300% / 400%. It feels good at first sight. So many returns on investment would seem surprising. But this whole option is very complicated and risky.



Before investing, you need to look at the settlement date * (i.e., how many days you want to support).
Suppose today's bitcoin price is 44000; now, you have invested 100$ in this rate. Now, after 24 hours, if the price goes below  $44000, you will get extra bitcoin at the rate of (300% /  400% APY rate whatever) and if the price of bitcoin goes above $44000 then at that rate USDT Will get.
Usually, the APY rate of this option is much higher than other investments, but in fact, it is a very high-risk investment plan. If the price goes down, the people will hand over some more bitcoins, and if the price of bitcoin goes to the bar, they will hand over USDT to you.
You can also invest in this plan by investing USDT if you want.

I never suggest such an investment. If someone wants to invest after seeing the high APY, there is a request to check once and then invest.

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