A Crypto Phishing Bot Targeting Metamask Users

By cryptne3d | Saikot's blog | 4 May 2021

MetaMask, a browser extension crypto wallet, today alerted its users about a phishing bot trying to steal users' seed phrases.


A request came to form a Twitter user who confessing that a more like google sheets wanna seed phrase. Metamask retweet it and pinned it


We all know, Metamask is a widely used crypto wallet for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain users who interact with Dapps (decentralized applications). The extension works as a wallet where they can store tokens or coins, and sadly locked them with a 12-word key seed phrase. Any person who has access to the 12 words phrase can enter the MetaMask wallet easily. 

If any user unwittingly shared its seed phrase with scammers, it's almost impossible to get back the tokens because most of the time it's irrecoverable. But always there’s always a chance to recover: A white hacker named Harry Denley broke phishing scammer's database and returned $16,000 worth of crypto to its owner.

Even in March, we saw that how hackers steal their money by stealing their key phrases in Pancakeswap.  Attackers were have taken control of the DNS server and are requesting user's seed phrases. Many users give their seed phrase without knowing the consequences. 


Last news came out in May, one Reddit person lost $1,200 worth of Ethereum after unwittingly uploading his seed phrase in Github. In two minutes, the attacker used the stolen seed phrase and hacked all its money. 

See, attackers are now everywhere, we should be more careful about sharing the key seed phrase. Metamask requires seed phrase in the only logging into the new device. Metamask never asked seed phrase. 

Metamask suggest, there some steps to avoids these kinds of attacks, 


Just keep in mind, never ever share your key seed phrase. *_*

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