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Free Features From Solanium: Lottery Tickets

By safmial | safmial | 29 Nov 2021

Solana is a successful and growing project that has been operating since 2020. The protocol is designed with a focus on minimizing transaction costs, but at the same time it is ready to guarantee scalability and fast processing.

My personal attitude to this project: there are a lot of prospects, so I am actively buying this token. I also really love the free bonuses for users.

I gave shelter to escaped otters and got a nice little bonus. And now you can participate in the lottery for free and take part in the token sale.

To do this, you need to get lottery tickets:

1) Staking pool. If you staked the SLIM token, you get tickets.

2) Social pool. No investment is required from you here. All you need is Twitter and Telegram. You can get a ticket for participation. Be sure to attach a wallet. I have a Phantom.

Of course, with a social ticket, the chance is much lower, but I believe that you can never lose hope. You will not lose anything if you do not win, but you will lose a lot if you do not participate. It is an experience to be taken with dignity.

There are only a few hours left before participation. In total, you can get 5 tickets, as well as for inviting friends. I myself have never participated, but now I will try to look for opportunities!

You can join the link

Good luck, my dear friends!


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