Safemoon Update | April 28

By RetroKoin | Safemoon | 29 Apr 2021

Yesterday the community discord was met with amazing news from the dev team, reporting the donation goal of $1,000,000 had been surpassed in just 2 short weeks. The fund raiser was setup to kick off the development of the Safemoon exchange, which was hinted as already being in the works by the team in last Sundays AMA update.

Safemoon Donation goal

This morning the safemoon community were welcomed onto Burency Exchange coming soon to the platform with an initial pairing on USDT. This marks the fifth exchange to launch safemoon this week alone, and I doubt they'll be slowing down anytime soon with exchanges reportedly lining up to list the top trending token.

John Karony, the CEO of Safemoon has hinted a number of times about "Operation Pheonix" (yes EO). A number of people have already worked it out according to John, but he's not letting it slip too much, I'm still chasing that trail, so watch this space, lightbulbs may appear eventually!

Continuing on from this first update, I will be putting out daily stats for Safemoon, including whale watching and trading stats from a number of the more popular exchanges. For now, here's todays numbers, provided by the Safemoon price bot. Comparisons will follow in tomorrows update!

Safemoon price bot April 29 1.07am BST


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