Fast way to buy SAFEMOON earn more for Hodling but...

So as you've seen more an more videos have been surfacing 5 ways to get SAFEMOON Crypto. Using a method I find fastest, you will need the almighty Trust Wallet and also BNB (Binance Coin) make sure you click the lines at the top right and add SAFEMOON. Transfer BNB to your Trust Wallet, got to DEX (Exchange) Swap your BNB for BNB Smart (If you don't see you need to enable as you did SAFEMOON) if you're on Mobile (IOS) you need to enter in Safari {trust://browser_enable} that will make Browser Button appear on bottom (First Image) You will need this for Pancake Swap this is important because this is how you receive more SAFEMOON Tokens. (Remember to refresh, this not a step by step but ya know...)

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One of my Favorites after already using this method I found a Video with almost identical instructions but Using Coinbase, Kucoin, and Bitsmart I believe. ( I even subscribed now....................................Will I Buy? Looking at the historical Data ehh most people are concerned which is being dubbed as one of the worst SAFEMOON had an AMA ( I'll let you be the judge, SAFEMOON is known for what if you sell you are penalized with a 10% Fee and if you hold you get 5% some really cool apparel? Naa You know what its known for that Massive gain 485% Coin is not even 90 days old? Yeah I know it just scares me out in this world there are 18 year old's holding up to or more than 500 Million to Billions of SAFEMOON. Personally I'm not going to get distracted but so tempted rumor of listing on Binance and more exchanges wow more FOMO, the distractions are gains but will we seek out a new level of support? After that massive gain what 3 days later was at its lowest? I need ETH, if not ETH, ADA if not.... A you know, if you're like me you have it on that Dirty little Watchlist the one that you may just check for quotes, prices, and news. Looks like a great short opportunity but come on if you have $2700 would you purchase more ETH or 24 Million SAFEMOON thingy's LOL. But be careful you might catch me at a scalp near you... Oh 10% I forgot I'll be at the Gas Station in my EV (ETH Joke catch up people) Thanks for the Read, and your time!




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Hodlr from The Bronx NY 80's Baby. Learned about e-cash in 1995, researching crypto since 2012 started playing in 2016-17. Atleast 2x every coin that I've invested in.

SAFEMOON fast and earn more SAFEMOON but.....
SAFEMOON fast and earn more SAFEMOON but.....

A quick way to get SAFEMOON using a wallet, and earning more SAFEMOON coins while Hodling them. And my 4 Hour Research on this Coin in a quick summary!!

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