Cute NFTs on Smartbch

By r_black | sabercrypto | 30 Mar 2022


Hello everyone, today I bring the pre-sale of nfts on smartbch from @nftmidia a very cute collection as well as collectible resources,

cute nfts

Note: remembering that @nftmidia's nfts pre-sales will be on April 1, 2022

Click to check the collection----->

off the radar many artists are releasing their collections on "smartbch" which is an abbreviation of bitcoin cash,

actually smartbch is a Sidechain of bitcoin cash, compatible with EVM and Web3 from Ethereum,

in addition to the cheap fees with smart contracts, smartbch is a great option for anyone who launches their collection or any other dapp in order to enter this blockchain universe


the majority of nfts minted at smartbch are being listed on the marketplace where there is daily volume of buy and sell negotiations of nfts and domain in bch


click to check marketplace----->

if you are new to the smartbch world, check out this tutorial on how to enable bitcoin cash network in your metamask

and how to get your smartbch in your wallet

click here to see how to use smartbch--->



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