Watch and Learn; Watch and Earn: Coinbase

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 16 Mar 2021

This is no gimmick. Its an easy way to add to your portfolio. These short, one-question videos will inform you about some altcoins that may be flying under your radar. Watch and learn; watch and earn. 

Here is proof of what you can earn. Here is a screen shot of my account just a few moments after I watched these short videos and answered the questions:



I cropped out my allocation percentages to the right of the amounts (my business only, thank you). Also, the Synthetix is not from this program. I had a small amount of SNX for another reason. Every other amount in this image is from watching videos that average about a minute and a half and answering just one multiple choice question for each of them.

I did not miss any, although there were a few occasions that I paused the video, or backed one up and re-watched a section. For this reason, I cannot say from personal experience whether you would have the opportunity for a second guess if you missed one. Feel free to provide this info in the comment section below if you know this already.

I wish Coinbase would add to their options with altcoins like Polkadot. Coinbase Pro is doing better. They just added cardano.

Also, I noticed that each of these were for altcoins of which I had zero holdings. These crypto companies are trying to educate and generate interest in their respective tokens. That is why they are basically giving them away for free. I have read where others have earned $50 or more in this program. 

It was pretty exciting to "earn" this with so little effort. After watching and learning more about these, I can say that I am particularly interested in Compound and Stellar and will likely increase my holdings in each of these. However, I can see how all six of these currencies are adding value to the world of crypto exchange and business.

If you already have a Coinbase account and haven't watched these videos yet, just click on the gift icon near the bottom left of the screen and begin to add to your portfolio. You can see where it is from the red arrow I added to the image above. This is also where you will find you own personal referral link--another way to get free crypto.

If you were on the fence about Coinbase, here is another incentive to join. Here is a link that will earn us both $10 in Bitcoin (upon your first transaction of $100 or more) if you join now:

As always, buy, sell, trade, etc. at your own risk. This blog is meant to educate and share ideas. Feel free to share your related ideas or info as well.

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