Time Wasters or Legit Ways to Earn Crypto without Cash?

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 18 Apr 2021

There are a kazillion different options for mining apps, faucets, crypto games, casino games, and on and on. At the end of the day, I have found most of these to be time wasters. For example, Easy Miner is one of those sites that came recommended by several bloggers. You can run their app on your computer and using your CPU, mine Litecoin. I did this for a few weeks, and did some calculations. I realized that I was probably spending more on electricity running my computer that I would ever mine. I know that you can mine more with the right equipment, but that is not my game. I deleted the app.

Life is too short and resources too scarce to waste on apps and games that will only bring 99.9% of the benefit to the creators of the app. If you want to make serious money on crypto, you should learn about investing and exchanging and go that route.

Having said that, I have found one faucet to be fruitful and have decided to test out one miner that has had good reviews on my phone.

Best Faucet

I earned $61 on the faucet during my first month. I have tried other faucets and quickly found them to be huge time-wasters. Cointiply has been different, at least for me. I keep it running on my computer while at work and have it as an app on my phone. I do a couple of surveys a day, spin the wheel and join the rain pool several times a day. I have had a few referrals and I have completed three or four offers. One offer didn’t pay and Cointiply’s customer service apologized and gave me a reward anyway. That’s it.

To be 100% objective, I must tell you that it is still not a big money maker. None of these things are, but I can tell you from experience that this one is at least legit. I had no trouble with my first withdrawal of about .001 Bitcoin, which was worth about $55 at the time. Sure, I could make more mowing grass or doing a lot of other things. But I am not doing it in blocks of two hours at a time. It is more like 5 or 10 minute blocks in between more fruitful projects. I have decided to never play a game on a phone again, unless it is earning me something. Cointiply has plenty of game offers that you can try out. Scrabble and other word games were profitable for me. Beware of some game offers that promise big rewards, but then you have to pay money to get to the reward level. No thanks.


Best Miner for Phone?

I mentioned the miner. It is PI. I have seen some posts on Pubish0x before about it. I have also seen it advertised elsewhere. There are mixed opinions about it, but by far, most are positive. Here is a summary of what I have learned and why I am doing it:

  1. It costs me no money.
  2. To stay active, I just have to check in once per day and it literally takes about 30 seconds.
  3. The crypto, PI, is still not on an exchange (and therefore has no intrinsic value), but they just announced moving from phase 1 to 2 a few days ago with timetable of about 12 months until phase 3. Phase 3 is when you can exchange your PI for other crypto or fiat currency.
  4. Their reason for not going to an exchange yet is that they want to build a larger base of what they call “pioneers.” This term makes sense because we pioneers are mining PI before the general public will have access to it on exchanges. It is designed similarly to Bitcoin in that there is a limited supply of the crypto that will eventually all be mined.
  5. Their site is very clean and easy to navigate and understand. Their extensive white papers are published and accessible. They have other very helpful information published on their app. The community, that is always chatting, is very supportive and helpful.
  6. Running the app does not drain battery or CPU from your phone. You can check in and close the app each day.
  7. You can increase your earnings with referrals. The goal is to have a team of 3-5 members. You can set up a chat circle for just your team. (I am just starting my team, so if any of you use my referral code (RSnuffer), we will be on the same team).
  8. I am keeping my expectations where anyone should with a new crypto project—not too high and not too low. There is the possibility that it will not come to fruition, but you are not out any money. There is also the possibility that PI will be a major player someday. Those of us that mined PI early will be glad we did.
  9. Your phone will act as your wallet. They will need your actual name. That is how you will be able to claim your crypto later. You can use a screen name that is different than your actual name if you want.
  10. There are several projects that are being proposed to run on PI. All of this information and more is found on the PI app.

I am new to PI and do not have unrealistic expectations. I also did not have high expectations for some other small crypto projects I invested time into. Two of them have done quite well with tangible rewards. Some of them have not. I see no harm in PI. To me, the small investment in time is worth the potential reward. Furthermore, it is refreshing that I have yet to see even one ad on this app, although I think this may have been a problem in an earlier stage of their development.

If you choose to join PI, you will be required to use a referral code. Mine is RSnuffer. (You could probably find others if you search old Publish0x articles). This is part of their strategy—they are creating a community of connected individuals, rather than just folks all doing it on their own. I cannot give you a live link with my referral. You just have to go to the page and then type a referral code (like the one above). Here is their website: Pi Network (minepi.com)

PI cryptocurrency logo

As for Cointiply, you can use my referral link, or you can sign up on your own with a simple search.


Life is too short to waste any time, even with a legit faucet or crypto earning gaming site. Be disciplined and try to only focus on these during down time. If I can only earn a couple of dollars a month on something that I am spending hours per week, then I need a new hobby. 

If any of you have found more profitable sites that will not waste my time, let me know. I am always open to new ideas.

As always, be smart, be kind, and live life to the fullest.

Crypto Lynx

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