Publish0x: Why I Love It!

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 15 Mar 2022

Calling All Writers!

I have been with Publish0x a little over a year now. I have published several dozen articles and have enjoyed reading and tipping other writers. I have learned so much in the crypto world during this time and have even branched out into the NFT space—in large part because of a nudge that came from a comment on one of my articles. As a result, I have made some decent profit on NFTs.

The point is, Publish0x has been a tremendous platform for me as I delved into the world of crypto. Here is a summary of why I love Publish0x:

  1. Education. I have learned so much from reading other people’s articles. There are times when I just stumble upon a new article that was posted and learn new information that was not even on my radar. There are other times in which I have done searches for certain topics and found valuable information that I needed.
  2. Contests. Last year, through contests, I not only won some crypto, but I learned about some projects that were very profitable to me. In particular, the Presearch contest as well as the Upland contest helped me to get in early on projects that have grown in popularity and value. I could sell either of my positions in those two projects and triple my investment. I am still holding though.
  3. Publishing. I have published several dozen articles over the past year or so. I have earned crypto, learned as I did research for these articles, and made interesting connections with many of you. I have also been able to expand my influence beyond Publish0x to several other projects through various social media platforms like Twitter and Discord. It gives me a voice as well as respect amongst my peers in the NFT community.
  4. Mutual Support. I appreciate that I can tip some of you every single day, just from reading what you have to say. When I see a good article, I am happy to tip. For a really good one, I will tip far more than the minimum 20% required on the sliding bar. I have learned through my involvement in crypto communities that it is very important that we support each other. I have watched people crash and burn that were only interested in shilling their own projects. I have also witnessed how unselfish people seem to thrive and prosper in this space. I have one friend on Twitter who has grown her following from a few hundred to over 80 thousand in less than six months through 100% organic growth. She has no paid promotions. She is just really nice and supportive of everyone around her and she also has made good money shilling her own projects. The point is, when we support each other, we all win.
  5. Earning Crypto. Did I mention this? I chose this as the last reason even though many of us may have chosen to write for Publish0x for this reason. While you will not get rich from writing here, you WILL earn crypto. I am not sure what my total earnings are. I have withdrawn several times and even my “lifetime” earnings on my platform do not reflect everything since we have changed what currencies are used as rewards. I know I withdrew more than $100 in Ethereum last summer.

Publish0x is a great platform for all of the above stated reasons and many more. If you are a writer and have a topic that you are passionate about, then this is your chance to get involved. We allow topics other than just crypto here, but crypto is the engine that drives this site.

If you would like to join our writing community, click the following link:

Feel free to share in the comments below what you like most about Publish0x.

I appreciate tips and follows. I will support you too!

The Lynx

(4) Art Lynx (@ArtLynx1) / Twitter

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